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Nobody Wonders If the Parties Are Working on Strategy Together

Nobody Wonders

Both parties are lining up their political…strategies in order to win the White House.Karl Rove dipshit

And so, excuse me for picking on Karl Rove AGAIN, but I just couldn’t help myself. This morning, on FOX, he pulled out his voting results: SURE…Trump is leading Bush for now. But, but, it’s clear to Karl, that his polling revealed that Jeb Bush does much better beating Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump does, therefore, Trump will fade, when people realize that he can’t beat Hillary.

Wishful thinking there Karl? Kind of like when you predicted that Mitt Romney would win the election?

So, Karl Rove’s strategy for dealing with a lame candidate is to say that “polls” show only Jeb Bush can win against Hillary. I guess that depends on how many illegal’s you can flood into the country, and how well Jeb convinces them they will all get the best care under HIM.

And then I saw this on Drudge–Nobody Wonders at the coincidence: –a blogger says she “overheard” this conversation by John Podesta:

While shopping at  Magruder’s of DC yesterday evening around 6:30, I overheard a parts of a lengthy—20 minutes– cell phone conversation between Podesta and someone— about Hillary’s campaign.

With an earpiece dangling from his left ear, Podesta told the person on the other end there were two things he was most concerned about. The first was being “outgunned” in money by Jeb Bush; second that he was worried about the “psychosis of the media . . .which is something we created.” He added with a humble chuckle – and I’m paraphrasing – that they certainly couldn’t complain about the media’s coverage of Hillary because it was something of her campaign staff’s own making.

Podesta quipped at one point, “Let’s face it– our strategy always seems to work.” Then he told the person he was chatting with that “they [Hillary’s campaign team] had spent all weekend talking about strategy.

Gee…funny that Podesta didn’t know he was being followed, but then, let’s say this story is TRUE and he thought, being colored, she was a democrat.Dynasty

She goes on to say this:

One of Jeb’s biggest threats to Hillary is his command of the Spanish language and ability to connect with Hispanic voters. Jeb should start speaking in Spanish more—in stump speeches, interviews and debates.

Really? Advice from a nobody blogger posted on Drudge? How did that happen? Nobody Wonders. 

Here’s another strategy: Both Hillary and Bush work for the same corporations, and the election has already been determined to be between the two of them. Any deviation from  a Bush/Hillary ticket would put a big monkey wrench in the globalization plans that run our oligarchy.

They are both dynasties that the American people don’t want, and that’s obvious. They are both raising a lot of money from their rich friends, but nobody is showing up to hear them speak.

Would it be a strategy to work together with the media to make SURE that they are the only ones chosen, even though the American people do not want either one of them?

SURE! Do doughnuts have holes?

You think this story could NOT have been planted? Even by ONE party? Would Karl Rove set this up? No?

Then you’re a not quite a ripe tomato yet.

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