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Nobody Knows If We Can Harvest the Organs of Employees of Planned Parenthood…

Nobody Knows

—If this horrible excuse for a human being has any children.

Remember as you watch this, this woman is at the top of the Planned Parenthood administration. Watch it, and then realize…this is how liberals think.

Yes, planned parenthood has been ‘selling’ unborn baby organs for quite some time now, I’m sure with the full knowledge of the Obama administration, and Eric Holder. When asked about “laws” concerning what she is doing, she brags with typical liberal snot: Laws are up to interpretation.”  While she proudly discusses her expertise in being able to butcher an unborn baby with such precision, in order to reap the most ‘money, she then laments that because of the current Supreme Court, they can’t just print out a “menu” flyer to give out to potential buyers.

Darn. Having to quote dead baby body prices over the phone is just so time consuming.

When I think of my own child, lying in an incubator, gasping for every breathe, and good doctors attending his every move in order to save his premature life, I can’t help but want this woman, and all the other woman who talk like her, put away forever in the darkest prison.

Why are we surprised? Margaret Sanger was a racist, and the Nazi’s took her philosophies to a whole new level. They started harvesting real bodies. No doubt Deborah is sad that those unborn babies don’t have gold teeth to pick out.

And in this piece by Brietbart, (don’t miss it) we are reminded that Hillary is a big fan:

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously,” Clinton told the event’s attendees. “Her courage, her tenacity, her vision.”

“When I think about what [Sanger] did all those years ago in Brooklyn,” Clinton gushed. “I am really in awe of her. And there are a lot of lessons we that can learn from her life and the cause she launched and fought for and sacrificed so greatly.”

The Federalist adds:

 Margaret Sanger, for those who are unaware, was a vile racist and eugenicist who dedicated her life to ridding the world of poor black babies, who she deemed the “degenerate and defective.” She was a featured guest of the Ku Klux Klan and a huge proponent of the forced sterilization program of the Nazi regime in the 1930’s.

baby angelAfter watching Deborah, I kept thinking: How about we harvest HER organs? Her kidneys. Both of her legs. Her eyes. If I were a judge, just by this video alone, I’d want her to face the death penalty and then be chopped up and harvested. Anybody on the planet could make better use of the heart that is beating inside her….because she has no heart. Her heart deserves a better body.

I say we give her a chance to donate to the poor. In fact, sell her own parts and give them to her favorite charity.

She is breaking the law. Will she be prosecuted? By who? Congress? Please.

No, they’ll just pontificate until everyone gets back to the election.

You want to make money selling organs Planned Parenthood?

Sell your own employees. I think you will be surprised at the demand.


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  1. At first glance, the punishment you mention would be more in keeping with that of some barbaric ancient civilisation.
    But unfortunately, the practice of abortion, state-sanctioned and state-funded, drags our modern world down to the depths of depravity.
    Pray we must, but I admit, it is difficult to do, just now.


    Comment by genericmum | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  2. I am sickened by women such as these. They are amongst the first to claim ’empathy’ and ‘nurturing’ as peculiarly female attributes – men, of course have no feelings – yet show themselves to be beastial. They are disgusting.

    Punishment is clearly called for but will not of course be forthcoming. Such is the state of our degenerate world. The best I can do is pray for her soul along with those of the babies she has killed and presided over killing. Poor little mites.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Amfortas | July 16, 2015 | Reply

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