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Bill Cosby: Black Serial Rapist: HIS Black Life Matters MORE?

Nobody’s Opinion.

Well, we are finding out, that Bill Cosby truly WAS a despicable serial rapist. The New York magazine has gotten 35 women who have come forth to testify Bill’s rapes, and that’s only the ones who have agreed to share their stories.

Who KNOWS how many more woman suffered at Bill’s nightly rapes?raped by Bill Cosby

Read their accounts here-–it’s horrible.  And by the way…I think we can safely say now that he did it all.

Bill Cosby, in a sane society, would be immediately arrested, put on trial, and sent away for the rest of his lifetime.  But, because these woman knew that it was Bill’s word against theirs, they were probably glad just to be alive after the fact. They kept quiet. In our society, you have to stay afloat, pay the bills, and not cause harm to yourself.

Most of these women were probably afraid, of what he would do to them.

I know how this goes. I was once harassed by a manager of a bar I worked at. It went on nightly. He basically said if I didn’t have sex with him, I would lose my job. Now, the stupid man had put this in writing, and I could have sued the restaurant, but then, I had a young son to support, and was afraid that the man who owned that restaurant would have made sure I never worked again. I had a choice to make: right a wrong, or just chuck it up to experience, and go on with my life.  When I got to small claims court, (yes, I was fired and I simply wanted my two weeks’ notice back pay) the owner was there with THREE powerful lawyers. The judge wouldn’t even take my signed affidavits. He would not even look at my claims.

So, that’s how the system works…only multiply that by thousand fold.

That”s how the powerful do it. With threats. With fear. It works. And this stuff happens all the time.

But, back to Bill:Bill Cosby

Bill was protected. By money. By fame. By his well-protected image as the first American negro loved by all America. He had major corporations invested in his continued success. The little nobody is powerless against that.

He warmed us all up for Obama.

Nobody Thinks: –we should learn something from these women’s testimony.

While the democrats, and Obama, have been crying about the “raping” on campus, where are they on Bill Cosby’s raping?

Where is Hillary Clinton on this? How about Jesse Jackson, who has more than once accused falsely white boys at college for raping women?

Where is Obama? He’s letting Bill keep his Congressional Metal of Honor.

What’s even scarier about this whole thing is the very power that the rich and famous have. They are, as we see with the Clinton’s— ABOVE the law.

When are WE THE PEOPLE going to start demanding that our rich and famous go to jail for THEIR crimes?

Remember, Bill Clinton was accused of rape by Juanita Broderick. Who knows how many other woman Bill Clinton raped? Bill Clinton, we know, has more than once abused his power for sex, but he was Hillary’s ticket to the Presidency so she worked hard to keep all his crimes out of the press. Truly, which one of those two is more disgusting?

The scary thing about both Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton’s’ serial sex lives is that neither man will pay for their crimes.

Bill Cosby will have the best defense: The statute of limitations is up. Ha ha ha.

And millions of democrats are about to elect Hillary Clinton BACK into the White House where her sex addicted husband can continue to degrade her, embarrass the country, and basically be a horn dog.

Do we care?

The media keeps us hidden from them all, and splashes their headlines with loving images of their leaders. Bill with Babes

Who knows what kind of sex Obama prefers? Reporters have said he and Emanuel frequently visited  the gay bars of Chicago…and gays rights is at the top of his agenda. Gay rights have been much more important than anything else to Obama it seems. Did you hear him go on and on about it in Kenya?

Michelle is never on the same plane as he is, but boy, they put on a good act.

Who know, maybe he swings both ways?

What we DO know is famous people, can destroy lives forever…and everybody is afraid of them.

Anyway…it’s good news that all these women have finally come out and told their story. Bill’s wife I hear, says they all wanted sex and it was mutual.

Yes…PLEASE! DRUG me Bill!

Obama with errings

Will justice be served?

Are the rich and powerful that much protected? How long has Bill Cosby been raping women?

50 years or more?


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  1. Only reason he is being singled out, not like with Clinton who the media suppressed all his accusers, is that he said the truth about the situation with blacks. Telling the truth gets you in their target sites and when you trip up they go full force on you. How many people know that Bill Clinton was convicted of rape?


    Comment by Tim | July 27, 2015 | Reply

  2. Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.


    Comment by spookmoor | July 27, 2015 | Reply

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