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Another Great Advantage Given to Illegals–Their Own Crossing Signs!

Nobody Cares

This was the bizarre topic at the local swim met today.Dead

  1. CHARLES COUNTY •A man whose remains were found scattered along Highway 370 Thursday was heading home from a tavern in the New Town area of St. Charles and walking from his broken down pickup truck when he was hit by a vehicle that did not stop, authorities said.

The man was identified as Shawn Christopher Daugherty, 35, a boat fiberglass repairman and bachelor who lived in St. Charles. Authorities are seeking the vehicle that struck Daugherty but don’t have much to go on.

Why is this so strange? Because someone called the police at 2.15 a.m. saying someone was trying to cross the highway. This is a highway that everyone at the pool takes daily, weekly…in fact my son drives on it to work every day.

He must have been hit soon after that, but, the police didn’t investigate the scene until …a WOMAN police patrol thought those bits of pieces of corpse lying all over the road were actually…human.

She called this in at Right about rush hour. The body was torn up into hundreds of little pieces, which means, drivers on that highway the whole night, and WELL throughout the whole next day, just kept running over what remained of Shawn.

Everyone said they thought it was a deer.

Nobody Knows who hit him first. BUT…you would have thought that SOMEBODY else would have reported that mess to the police. I’m sure hundreds of cars ran over the body.Illegals have signs

What does this mean? I would have called the police and said, “Hey, there’s a big mess out on the highway and people are going 70 mph, and this could cause a major accident! Get somebody out here to clean this up!”

Either nobody called, or nobody in the police department cares to talk about the fact that they didn’t investigate. I’m SURE more than one police car ran over that body too.

It’s disturbing enough to wonder why the guy was trying to cross the road, and why the person who HIT him kept going. But isn’t it even more disturbing that thousands of cars just kept going over him?

Poor guy. He had just been at a bar with his buddies watching the baseball game.

It didn’t make the national news, because he wasn’t an illegal.

In this country…they put up crossing signs for the illegals— like they do for deer…so they can cross safely.

The regular citizen gets no such respect.

Nobody Wonders...if it was an illegal that actually hit him in the first place and that’s why he didn’t stop. Makes sense.

But...Nobody Cares.


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