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Nobody Knows What Trump Will Do Next

Nobody Knows

Despite the fact that Jeb Bush went on the attack today, emailing Alabama republicans and making Donald Trump out to be some kind of baby killing, liberal nutcase, Donald Trump did a Trump Tsunami on the Friday night in Alabama….and it was shown on all the channels…ALMOST as if he was already President! When was the last time you can remember THAT happening? And he talked, and laughed, and was just a regular human being. They say you have to imagine yourself having a beer with the guy, and Donald does just that. .He REALLY knows how to sell himself…which is why he is going to stay ahead of the pack, because when it comes down to it, you have to sell yourself, and in this age of the camera and personality, the other guys, lets face it, in that department, they don’t stand much of a chance next to Trump.

What was really fun, was that as soon as his speech was over, NONE of the networks had any of their usual pundits on to interpret the message for you.

I think…they were all stunned. Not that we won’t hear how terrible he was on the Sunday talk shows. People love him.

Jeb Bush had this to say:

“Trump’s positions are out of step with the Alabama way of life,” reads the e-mail, which the Bush campaign shared with reporters.

Tell me, since WHEN does Jeb Bush know anything about Alabama’s way of life? When was the last time he was there? Who WRITES this stuff?

And speaking of stuff:

They are spreading rumors that Michelle and Obama are going to split up after the White House, and she and Valerie Jarrett are going to go live in Spain.Michelle and Valerie

“Valerie sees Michelle and herself sitting on the boards of a handful of corporations, giving speeches for big bucks, writing books, and living large. Michelle has had the time of her life in the White House, and she doesn’t want to step down from that luxurious Air Force One lifestyle. Speaking to Steve Malzberg, Klein (a reporter) said he believes that such a move does not mean Michelle and Barack Obama are having marriage problems, but rather that Michelle wants to spread her wings after eight years of supporting her husband’s presidency.”

Right. How many of you out there believe that if you love someone, you go live in another country for a year, raise your hands?

I know. Wouldn’t that be a trip if neither Bernie Sander or Joe Biden was the nominee but Michelle was?Michelle

Nobody Knows it, but it is being whispered that Michelle should get in the race…but I don’t know….that’s pretty far-fetched..but…uh…wait, I’m not letting it spoil my memories of Donald tonight. I wouldn’t even think about it if I was her…in fact, I hope she STAYS there.

It’s Saturday— Enough already.

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