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The Biggest Reason Trump MUST Be President: A Tale of the U.S. Patent Office

Nobody Wins

After winning Mississippi and Michigan tonight, most of us, including Donald Trump, were rather surprised, I mean, NOTHING has matched the hatred coming at him from every millionaire media pundit, on the planet–and that’s just the ones here in the States.

I just turned on Mark Levine, and he was screaming so loud, I turned him off. It’s funny to the Trump supporter, because to those of us who actually LIVE in the real world, it’s a no-brainer.

But then again: What can you expect? Mark has only worked with politicians. He was a lawyer. Cruz, Kasich, Rubio…none of them have had their own businesses.NWO three

And when it comes right down to it: It’s still about the economy.

So, why do so many of us pick Trump? Let me tell a little story.

I was making the most money in my career when Ronald Reagan was President. When Bill Clinton became president, I believe…that is when the economy really started to go south. It seemed almost every other day, Bill was announcing some big merger…Oh sure…the ‘tech’ companies were booming, but inflation was setting in, and I noticed that here in the Midwest, many of the places that hired bands, couldn’t afford them anymore. Disco became popular, so many of the musicians started cutting down to three-pieces to get jobs. And then…slowly, more places stopped hiring three piece bands, and went down to two piece, than ONE person. Making a living as a drummer was beginning to look less and less possible. So, I practiced piano about 12 hours a day, and taught myself enough piano to play solo.

There I was…I had to buy a drum machine, record bass records and get background vocals so that I…could reproduced the sound of a five piece black band like Earth, Wind, And Fire. It was a challenge believe me. Clearly, I could see the writing on the wall.

One day, at some dive, watching drunks falling on the floor,  I began to think I needed to do something else. After all, I was a single mom, with a boy to support…so I got an idea…for a product…after long nights of studying patent law, I manage to get three patents by myself…and since my idea could be on a global scale, I was hoping to find a big company to ‘license’ my idea too.

Now…EVERYONE on the planet has had an idea…but getting that idea on to the market, is not easy at all.NWO five

Which brings me to the next part. Every year, the United States Patent Office holds a convention…specially put on for inventors from all over the country to show their ideas (In booths that they have to purchase of course) and the patent office promises that big businesses will come and SEE their product in hopes that the small inventor will get signed with some manufacturing company and then will just sit and collect royalties.

It’s the big goal of every inventor. (This was before Shark Tank.)

Since my product was not ready to be ‘shown’, I did not show this particular year. I believe it was around the year 2000. I needed a good prototype. There was a prototype maker who wrote for the Inventor’s Digest who suggested that I come to that show, and he would give me a price on what he would charge to make my prototype.

Somehow I found the money to make the trip to Boston.

Since this guy was a ‘bigwig’ at the convention, I had the whole day to walk around the show and talk to all the inventors. They came from all over the United States. There were about 50 booths, and their stories were amazing. These were ordinary people, some of whom had mortgage their houses to make prototypes, and everyone had hope in their eyes that SOME big company would see their inventions and their hard work and years of toiling would finally get somewhere.

The Patent Office had promised that many companies would come.

As I walked around the whole day…I did not see ONE company representative of any kind. Not one. Trust me, I was looking. But..there was one strange booth. A Chinese man, whose booth was empty. He sat there, on a small chair, in back of a wooden bare desk. When I asked him where his invention was, he shook his head and said, “It’s a secret, I can’t show it. “NWO one

What I DID notice was about 5 Chinese and Japanese young men with cameras going around talking to all the inventors and taking pictures. Basically, stealing the ideas.

Many people don’t know this, but to get a patent in the United States can take years, and if you hire a patent lawyer, up to over $6,000. And that’s not including the prototypes which can cost up to $25,000-$100,000 depending on the product.

So…after all this, almost NOBODY but a big company can afford to apply for patents at the same time in other countries.

There were ‘classes’ of course, “How to get a good prototype” and “How to file an extent ions” etc…but everyone was waiting for the end of the weekend, when first, second, and third prizes would be given out to the best inventions.

We all, of course, had our favorites. Everyone was gathered at the end of the day, and the bigwigs of the Patent Office, all the officials of that sacred institution, about ten of them, came out and stood before the crowd of about 60 people to announce the winners…baby fist

FIRST PRIZE: China. For…we can’t tell you.

SECOND PRIZE: China. For…we can’t tell you.

THIRD PRIZE: China…for…we can’t tell you.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in that room could believe what they had just heard. The United States Patent office had just given every award to China, and they were up there applauding the Chinese who…get this: were not even there.

The cries of anger and disgust were almost to the point of a lynching mob. The inventors were outraged.

Outraged. Their own Patent office…giving prizes to another country…and nobody had even seen these fabulous inventions. It was…a shock to everyone there…including me.

I learned that day, that the United States Patent Office, is working for the multinational global cartel. Every inventor there thought in his heart that if he worked hard enough and had a great idea, his invention would be sooner or later picked up.


In fact, if you send your ‘idea’ to a company they make you sign an agreement that they can TAKE your idea and give you no money in return if they so choose. You either agree to that, or they won’t even look at your idea.

The big multinational global companies, are running the whole show. our government included. They all play by different rules: they do not have to pay taxes, they don’t have to take Obamacare they don’t have to go to jail if they commit crimes.NWO four

And they plan to have only a handful of companies rule the world. The people will regulated to “service” jobs.

China and Mexico will keep that 1 percent at the top.

And yes, they can sell nuclear secrets to our enemies..

Since that happened, the Patent office has pretty much been taken over by the multinational companies. When Mickey’s copyright ran out…the Patent Office just renewed it forever.

Yours…they would not.

And that’s why Donald Trump is the only man who understand what the American people have gone through.

Unless you have been in something other than the government, you really have no clue.

Talk about the Constitution all you want….to the elites, it’s just another way of brainwashing the people into thinking they are looking out for you.

Oh…and what about my prototype?

I waited around for three days, for that man to finally get together with me to look over my drawings and discuss plastics, paper, look at my different drawings.. etc.

And I waited in the restaurant for over an hour before he finally showed up.

“Well?” he said. “Are we going up to the room or not.”

In other words, he was only looking for sex since his wife was out-of-town. He had led me on JUST to get screwed at the convention.John McCain two

Bastard. And  a liberal one at that. Good thing my husband wasn’t there.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure that it was that moment which crystallized for me, the fact that the United States as we had been told it was, was gone. High jacked by a plutocracy that is scared of one man….

Donald Trump.



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  1. Yes, his kids are just great….and intelligent. He has the best family of them all, no contest.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 9, 2016 | Reply

  2. Joyanna -Isn’t it amazing – -just how many guys are “ruled and inspired” by that “third leg”? We listen to the critics of “The Donald” spout their disgusting lies, but someone else asked a question, yesterday, that makes so much sense and I’m going to use it as an argument whenever anyone tries to “debate” Trump with me. The question was “If Trump is so terrible, how come his kids are so awesome?” We’ve all heard the reports, about one of his sons, who raised over $23 MILLION for St. Jude Children’s Hospital- – one of his daughters is a successful model and on and on the story goes! None of them are “lazy”; they are ambitious and giving and that says a lot about how they have been raised.


    Comment by madmemere | March 9, 2016 | Reply

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