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Hey! Guess What? You really DON’T Matter!

Nobody’s Opinion

My sister-in- law and I over the weekend, had a disagreement about who won the Missouri Presidential primary:angry puppy

“Cruz won.” She said, with the look of a constipated Sumo Wrestler on her face.

“No, I believe Trump actually won.” I said.

“No…I’m sure, Ted Cruz won.”

I wasn’t about to argue with her, she must have heard it somewhere….and she had brought desert.

I let it go. After all, I know how even I liked Ted Cruz at first. Now..I can’t stand the man, and she can’t stand Trump.

Which  is why I registered to caucus last Saturday. In fact, I registered a month before, to make sure that Trump would be represented. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t even know what a ‘caucus’ was and had no idea that regular people could attend them,  so I was pretty interested…and made SURE that I did everything right to go and ‘caucus.”

I answered AND confirmed over four emails, and found out where I was supposed to go.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the high school last Saturday, I was more than sure that the hundreds of cars in the parking lot were all angry citizens like me, and they were there to get their voices heard.

I got off the elevator and was faced with one woman, who took ONE look at me and instantly hated my guts. I get that a lot.  I think it was my “Navy Seal Hat.”

“What’s your name.” she said. And I told her.

She pulled up her computer and was searching for me.angry bird

“You are not listed. That means you cannot attend.” She actually spit that out.

“Wait, I was told by four emails to come here.”

Then she said..”Well, you should go to Lewis and Clark.”

“I can’t go there” I laughed. “My husband would kill me. It’s not safe.”

In case you don’t know…that place is a “No-white, near Ferguson” zone. Last time I heard, several murders were committed in the empty building.

She kept looking  down on her computer, reading, about me I assumed, and she could see I was not going anywhere.

And then I asked her the question everyone should ask: “What exactly happens at these caucuses?  This is my first time.”

“The delegates are picked for who go to the convention,” she said.

“Well, what if you don’t know anything ABOUT the delegates and who they will vote for?”baby fist

“They come from the republican party.” And then in a very angry, snotty voice she said. “And we meet once a month.” As if it was some secret society that only the elite could attend, and if I didn’t know about it, and was not a member of it, I had no right whatsoever to even be there.

Basically she let me know that the established people who go to these republican parties PICK the delegates NOT the people.

Trump is finding this out. It’s WHY Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz can say with confidence that Donald Trump will NOT be the nomination.  They’ve know how to steal the election for the people. THEY have the connections in every state. Even Bill Clinton is a delegate.

The establishment Republicans in Colorado just gave Ted Cruz all the delegates without even letting the people vote.

And who knew? The rich guys are now going into the states, and they can bribe delegates with jobs, money, free world trips, anything to vote for Cruz and block Trump.

And it’s all legal!

All this time, the poor nobodies like you and I are watching this American Presidential Contest, where CNN, MSNBC, and FOX are raking in the billions while making the people THINK that there really is a contest and it’s all by the people’s vote!

It’s all a sham! It’s all a fraud!

Okay. So I knew it was despicable. And we also know that whoever the crooks in the BUSH/ROVE GOP globalist pick to run against Hillary, will lose.

But back to the old fat Nazi lady who was looking me up on her computer.

You can BET she knew I was a Trump supporter and she didn’t want to let me in. Either I was sent an email with the WRONG place so that I could not caucus and Cruz would win…

Or, that really was the place I was supposed to go to, and she saw I was for Trump, and just told me I couldn’t attend. NWO three

Before I left she said:

“Wait…I see you are registered at Cannoli’s restaurant.”

Okay, I’ll go there. Hey…it starts at 10am. Can I still get in?”

“No, she said. ” They close the doors at 10, you will not get in. “

This lady basically deprived me of attending the caucus, and she was pretty happy about it.  Did she say, “I’m sorry..” ? No. She purposely deprived me of my first caucus.

So that is HOW they do it. Data. They know about every voter in every state, and they are keeping Trump voters out at the door.

I bet I wasn’t the only one in the country that is being denied attendance.Trump two

We might as well start a new country.  We are no different from Russia.

Our Presidents are picked now by bribes.

Donald is right:

“I watch Bernie. He wins, he wins, he keeps winning, winning and winning and then I see he’s got no chance. They always say he’s got no chance. Why doesn’t he have a chance?” Trump asked during a rally in Rochester, N.Y.

“Because the system is corrupt. And it’s worse on the Republican side.”

Yes, the system is rigged for the elites to pick who they want. And the elites work for the global cartels who run the world.

So..that is why, I let my sister-in-law love Ted Cruz. Neither one of us has a voice in the matter at all.

I hope Donald Trump sues the lot of them.



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