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Nobody’s Fool: Phyllis Schlafly: “Donald Trump is a choice, not an echo.”

Nobody’s Fool

Sadly, we lost probably the greatest conservative woman’s voice of America this week, and I am saddened that I never tried to meet the great lady.

I first got turned on to Phyllis by Ann Coulter. When I started writing, long before I even thought about blogging, I used to read a lot of Ann Coulter. And it was Ann, who told the world one day about who HER idol was: And it was Phyllis.

So I learned from Ann, that this woman, who had been vilified for YEARS and YEARS by the liberal press, described as some sort of right-wing wacko, was none of that. In fact, she was one of the most incredible American women in American History. Somehow, she found the time to not only fight the Nazi-feminists, year after year, but raise a big family…and because of Phyllis, America was greater.

I always wanted to meet her. After all, she lived in my town. Why didn’t I make the effort?

Because I KNEW, she was giant. I was just a nobody. And it’s too bad she didn’t live to see Trump win.

Everything you need to know is right here in Ann’s moving tribute to the great American Lady:

Please read it. You will hardly believe that any woman could do so much. I myself have just begun to learn her lessons.

And EVERYTHING that Phyllis says in this Breitbart interview is right. Everything. I don’t think I could be more in accord with any other conservative.

When I declared my enthusiasm for Donald Trump at the start, I couldn’t understand why all my friends didn’t support him. But…knowing that Phyllis Schlafly supported him, let ME know.

I was right. There are few conservatives in the public media that have even a small nimble of her great mind. phyllis

She was NOBODY’S FOOL, as you will read in Ann’s column, she stood the spitting, the hatred, the lies, and just kept going.

She was simply, the quintessence of the American woman.

And I thank God, for giving her to us. She wasn’t a star, a celebrity, most politicians treated her as a nobody. They kept her off our TV.

But, like our founders, who were all pretty much nobodies, she forged a legacy of truth.

R.I.P Dear Lady. Your light stills shines, in this St. Louis Town….in the hall of great souls.

So, if your up there Phyllis, Congratulations! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the last century.

Now, get us some divine help down here and get us a win! There is one thing you have shown us all: the power of sheer persistence.

If anybody can get God to use his divine help in this election……you can.


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  1. A Great American. A Great Woman. A Great Catholic. A Great anti-feminist. A Great Leader. One wonders what a first-female-President she would have made.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 7, 2016 | Reply

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