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Nobody’s Fool: Phyllis Schlafly: “Donald Trump is a choice, not an echo.”

Nobody’s Fool

Sadly, we lost probably the greatest conservative woman’s voice of America this week, and I am saddened that I never tried to meet the great lady.

I first got turned on to Phyllis by Ann Coulter. When I started writing, long before I even thought about blogging, I used to read a lot of Ann Coulter. And it was Ann, who told the world one day about who HER idol was: And it was Phyllis.

So I learned from Ann, that this woman, who had been vilified for YEARS and YEARS by the liberal press, described as some sort of right-wing wacko, was none of that. In fact, she was one of the most incredible American women in American History. Somehow, she found the time to not only fight the Nazi-feminists, year after year, but raise a big family…and because of Phyllis, America was greater.

I always wanted to meet her. After all, she lived in my town. Why didn’t I make the effort?

Because I KNEW, she was giant. I was just a nobody. And it’s too bad she didn’t live to see Trump win.

Everything you need to know is right here in Ann’s moving tribute to the great American Lady:

Please read it. You will hardly believe that any woman could do so much. I myself have just begun to learn her lessons.

And EVERYTHING that Phyllis says in this Breitbart interview is right. Everything. I don’t think I could be more in accord with any other conservative.

When I declared my enthusiasm for Donald Trump at the start, I couldn’t understand why all my friends didn’t support him. But…knowing that Phyllis Schlafly supported him, let ME know.

I was right. There are few conservatives in the public media that have even a small nimble of her great mind. phyllis

She was NOBODY’S FOOL, as you will read in Ann’s column, she stood the spitting, the hatred, the lies, and just kept going.

She was simply, the quintessence of the American woman.

And I thank God, for giving her to us. She wasn’t a star, a celebrity, most politicians treated her as a nobody. They kept her off our TV.

But, like our founders, who were all pretty much nobodies, she forged a legacy of truth.

R.I.P Dear Lady. Your light stills shines, in this St. Louis Town….in the hall of great souls.

So, if your up there Phyllis, Congratulations! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the last century.

Now, get us some divine help down here and get us a win! There is one thing you have shown us all: the power of sheer persistence.

If anybody can get God to use his divine help in this election……you can.


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Amnesty: WTF Are They Thinking?!

Nobody’s Opinion:

Hey…whatever happened to Kim Jung Un? What did we hear about for weeks upon end just last month? Everyone was asking, since he dare not start a nuclear war with the United States, how was he going to back out gracefully? Every single day he threatened us.

As we all know, Obama is not very good with taking care of foreign crisis’, so when the Boston Marathon bombing happened, all eyes were turned off Kim Jung Un and onto the tragedy of a bunch of people getting their legs blown off on a sunny day by two college boys.

While this news was good for Kim Jung Uno, the bombing wasn’t so good for Obama’s favorite subject at the moment: amnesty.

The best summation of the amnesty bill that I found was this article written by one of my favorite fighters: Phyllis Schlafly, who so often gets it right, so of course, she is not put up in the mainstream or even mentioned by Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly, or any of the big boys. That’s why I am showing her off here. Phylliss Schlfly two

Here’s part of her column here:

The amnesty proposal cooked up by six Senators who claim to be bipartisan is essentially the same plan that aroused the fury of the grassroots in 2007 and covered Congressmen with a tsunami of messages. However, this time we know the cost, and that’s truly scary. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation estimates that this amnesty plan will cost the U.S. taxpayers “$2.5 Trillion above any taxes paid in” because the majority of illegal aliens who would eventually be legalized by the proposal are uneducated and poor. At least 60% are high school dropouts so they live below the poverty level and will be eligible to receive many of our 79 varieties of welfare handouts. What they may pay in income taxes will be nullified by the cash refunds known as Earned Income Tax Credit. The entire plan should be illegal because it violates a federal law that anyone granted entry into the U.S. must be financially self-supporting and not likely to become a public charge.

She goes and reminds us that Hugo Chavez would be against this bill:illegal cartoon two

Chavez was vehemently opposed to illegal’s coming across the Mexican border because they took jobs from legal immigrants. He ordered union members to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service and report illegals working in the fields so our government could deport them. Chavez got his supporters to picket INS offices to demand a crackdown on illegals, and he offered staff to the INS to serve as volunteer border guards to keep Mexicans from sneaking into the U.S.

One in three immigrant-headed households already participates in at least one major welfare program. Green card holders are already eligible for Medicaid, TANF, Supplemental Security Income, child care assistance, food stamps, and a variety of other welfare benefits and public aid programs.

In other words: Are we nuts?

There is no doubt that this bill, along with Obamacare will break the American dream, probably forever.illegal three

Americans should get just as mad about this as they did about gun control, but as Phyllis says; they are all using the “Christian” card, using the guilt card to put your own noose around your own neck.

Rubio is out front on this. Nobody Thinks he will be on the ticket with Jeb Bush in 2016. Both parties just want the votes of the illegals. They don’t care about the American citizen anymore, or the American dream.

It’s pretty clear.

Read her excellent piece, Amnesty=Suicide for Republican Party.

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CPAC 2013: Nobody’s Got the Top of the Rhino’s Enemy List….

Nobody’s Opinion

This year’s CPAC was full of surprises. Every year, the candidate who won the straw poll, usually went on to win the nomination for the party, but this year, Karl Rove has his work cut out for him–it was the libertarian  Rand Paul who won—Marco Rubio came in second, probably due to the fact that Ann Coulter ripped him to shreds about his immigration issues. As great as Rubio is: he is on board with amnesty, which would make him a good VP for Jeb Bush, and as Ann pointed out, you get amnesty, you get democrats forever more.Karl Rove 4

I bet Rubio didn’t see that coming. Nobody can steamroll you like Ann.

Already this morning Karl Rove was on some talk show, telling everyone that Rand Paul just got lucky and took a propitious moment doing the filibuster, because Eric Holder screwed up by not answering his questions on drones, and he ran with it. Karl thought it was smart, but then he went on another one of his famous Rove attacks. Why, nobody knows that Rand Paul would have arrested Anwar Al-Awlaki instead of killing him with a drone. Americans, don’t know how bad Rand Paul would be on protecting us. 

(Gee Karl, George W. Bush, did a bang up job with that “protection” stuff. Have you talked to any 9/11 widows lately? )Rand Paul CPAC

I’ve heard Rand Paul talk about this incident, and he has said time and again that he is not against using drones in a war zone..but when the 16-year-old, Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki, was also killed in the attack, Jay Carney had this to say about it, and Rand Paul didn’t like it much:

“I would suggest that you should have a far more responsible father if they are truly concerned about the well being of their children. I don’t think becoming an al Qaeda jihadist terrorist is the best way to go about doing your business.”

I listened to the speakers most of the day while I was cleaning my house.. all of them were good, some were boring. The crowd to me looked very small, and you have to wonder how much it costs to go there, rent a hotel, buy tickets…I know I couldn’t afford it. Republicans don’t bus people in.

Sarah Palin was amazing in her speech and form. She is becoming adept at being a great speaker, and no doubt will make most of her living off of it. She mixed the Big Gulp with the “I got the rack” joke. She was a real hit, but did she put her name in the straw poll?Sarah Palin w cup

No.  Sarah has no intention of running. And then, after Sarah, came my favorite, Phyllis Schlafly, the grand old lady…walking slow, proud, she almost reminded me of the great Ronald Reagan. I first learned about her through Ann Coulter. To me, this woman is right up there with Margaret Thatcher. No, she never ran for office, but she has done great things for America…

Listen to this speech, it’s a winner!  (start at 1.35 and skip the jokes if you like.)

Phyllis Schafly at CPAC 2013

Like the great Ronald Reagan, Mrs. Schlafly is a real fighter, and like Reagan she speaks with a clear, voice of reason.

She, more than anybody there…had it right. (In my Nobody Opinion)

There IS a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party right now. This last loss was worst than the rest and Phyllis Schlafly hit the Rhino’s where it hurts. It’s probably the reason you can’t find her speech on YouTube. (I couldn’t.)

She called every one of the Republican nominees in the last decade a “bunch of losers.” And then she pointed out, who is keeping those losers at the top. Karl Rove.

“We need to have the grass roots take over these bunch of losers.”

Bravo Phyllis —-Bravo!Phylliss Schlafly

And if there is an Rhino enemy list: in my mind, Karl Rove is right at the top, . Now, when I see Karl Rove on TV, I turn Fox off. If we all did that, sooner or later FOX would get him off of there. According to Phyllis, Karl had 400 millions to spend, on 31 candidates and he only won 7 races.

If CNN and MSNBC, are working for the Democrats, FOX has way too much time given to Karl Rove, who basically lost the last election for us. I don’t think he wanted Romney to win. If he comes out promoting Jeb Bush, then odds are, Romney’s loss was no big deal to him.

Of course the libs are already making fun of CPAC. One guy said it was as if he was watching some old outdated Moose lodge fraternity meeting. And really, that’s how they defeat us. The main points everyone made throughout the day was none of them were good at getting the message across.

The real problem is: The Republican message is very weak.

Will Karl Rove be able to bring down Rand Paul….after all, he’s already started with attacks?Karl Rove 2

Nobody Suggests: We give Rand some help. I have been blaming George W. Bush for Obama being elected: It seems, I have been blaming the wrong person: It’s Karl Rove we need to get rid of.

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Nobody’s Email: The Virtual President and ( Phyllis Schlafly)

Nobody Gets Email

This is probably the best rant you will ever hear on Gun Control…and on top of that, it’s fun!

What was even more fun was that as I was getting this off of YouTube, one of the comments was:

“This guy is not president. He is not on the podium, it’s a fake.”
–as if he was letting everyone know this wasn’t real.

As I post this, I’m watching the Republicans at CPAC on C-Span. Sarah Palin gave a lot of rousing one-liners and the crowd loved her, but it was Phyllis Schlafly, who hit a home run with me. She attacked the established Bush boys and Karl Rove. She attacked the failing candidates loses that they have run: Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Phyllis was the clearest-minded to my mind about how the old guard just has to go. Phylliss

She didn’t get much applause, and that’s why…IF they run Jeb Bush in 2014, a lot of us won’t vote. The RHINOS will not go quietly into that good night. So…

We should let them all know…NOW. If you run Jeb Bush, we won’t show up.

(Thanks to amfortas for the video)

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