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Nobody Flashes: The SAME Old Liberal Lies

Nobody Flashes

I had another video that I was going to show today, (I’ll post it on Thursday) but then tonight, I happen to watch this on C-Span, and was simply amazed, at how much these two candidates mirror Trump and Hillary, and since the first debate is in two days, I was glad that I watched this whole thing.

Jimmy Carter used the same tried and true democratic attacks that Obama and Hillary have been using on Trump.  He lies about Reagan, distorts the facts, and Reagan ALWAYS corrected him, But…never resorts to insulting him. Carter called Reagan belligerent, and DANGEROUS. Reagan kept his cool. The moderates also do NOT attack

How many times have we heard Hillary call Donald ‘dangerous?’

One of the reasons the democrats can lie and distort with every breath, is because, they must sit around and take notes of former democratic Presidents and just repeat the same old attacks. .I’ve written many a blog on their favorite attack: Whatever crime THEY are committing, they accuse the other party of doing it. Hillary’s used the Clinton Foundation to get rich…so they have accused Trump of bribing some politician in Florida. Hillary committed a major crime with her email, so they put out that Putin and Trump are working together. This was after it got out how Hillary gave Putin a nice deal on American uranium.

What I got out of watching this again, was that after all these years, America’s problems not only have not changed, but they have gotten much worse. As we know, Ronald Reagan went on to become a great President, and left a booming economy that lasted well into Bill Clinton’s first term. Bill passed NAFTA and that was the beginning of the demise, economically. And Bush’s massive war in Iraq, into of stimulating the economy, just left it worse off. And Obama, has just decimated the rest.

Another thing that I found interesting in this debate, was that Jimmy Carter kept pointing out that Reagan was NOT a typical republican. Why…he didn’t even fit into his own party, something I’m sure Hillary is going to bring up.

Trump sound a lot like Reagan in this debate.

So, if you can find the time, whether you were too young to remember this, or even if you are not, it’s worth the watch.

If nothing else, you will be amazed at how low our journalists have sunk.




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  1. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. And those who take notes too.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 26, 2016 | Reply

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