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Nobody Flashes Judge Pirro’s Advice to Donald

Nobody Flashes

Tonight is the night…the big fight, the big moment. The one we have all been waiting for. And since I will FOR SURE have more to say about the debate tomorrow, I’m keeping this short.

And leaving you, if you missed it, to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s advice to Donald Trump…how to win the debate.

I love this lady. She’s the best.

Remember….don’t be discouraged tomorrow night if the cable networks say Hillary won the debate and Donald lost. In fact, I hope they do. And it won’t be only Hillary that will be nasty, it will be the commentators too. Expect it.

It’s just going to bring more people out to vote.

Frankly, I hope she falls over. One thing we all know, she can’t help looking like the snob she is.

As for myself, I’m making sure I only have soft objects in the room. (LOL)

See you on Tuesday!


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