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Hillary: Still the Pompous Ass

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Wow…it went just as expected tonight. The questions catered to Hillary, she got more time to talk than Donald, and they made her head look bigger than Trump’s. She was her usual nasty, obnoxious self.

They say she won on the economy, but she has NO idea how to get jobs here. Really. Good god. She’s a socialist.

The only mistake Trump made was not bringing up Benghazi, and the fact that she and Bill did not report her taxes for over ten years because she didn’t want to report her work at the Rose Law firm.

ALL the questions were to put Donald on the defense. It was pretty transparent, but then, we knew that would happen.

The people who know Hillary, hate her even more now. The people who love Trump, still are with him, and are use to the unleveled playing field.

In other words, we expected this.

And back to the questions: half of them were meaningless. The attack on the birth certificate. A lot of time was spent on that. Ridiculous. And all the time on Donald’s taxes and NONE, on the Clinton foundation.

Why he didn’t bring up the Clinton foundation I have no clue. I think he’s been listening to too many people wanting him to be the nice guy. Stay above it all. To be fair, when she became the pig herself and started doing her Megyn Kelly imitation, calling him a sexist, he stayed away from what she’s been doing to all of Bill’s bimbo’s. not-again

One thing that I noticed was her opening statement where she mentioned “profit sharing” …if she becomes President that’s what she will be trying to do, making companies “share” their profits.  

She’s a nasty piece of work.  She will be an even bigger tyrant than we can imagine.

The media will spin this as Hillary’s victory. But, we all know her by now.

Liar. Criminal. Sick. Pompous to the core.

It’s so easy to hate her. 


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