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Nobody’s Fool: Richard Feynman

Nobody’s Fool

Okay. I’m reading a book by Richard Feynman, called Classic Feynman. He was such a wonder, not only in the field that he excelled in, (Physics) but the fact that he found just about everything curiously wonderful and worth thinking about.

For instance. He once did an experiment on counting time. He found when he counted time just naturally, he always REALLY counted only 48 seconds. He did this every time no matter what he was doing: reading, watching, walking…it didn’t matter.

He was trying to find a standard rate. In fact, he could count HIS standard rate of 48 seconds by doing almost anything, but type. When he was typing, he slowed down.

What did he get out of this experiment? Not much really. He did have other guys do it, and found out that everyone has a different standard, and he wondered if it had anything to do with your heart rate, but he was just a kid in college and simply full of wonder.

He never lost that wonder.

Richard Feynman was the best of genius’ simply because, he was smart enough to know what he didn’t know, and therefore, didn’t consider himself very smart.

“I’m really still a very one-sided person and I don’t know a great deal. I have a limited intelligence and I use it in a particular direction.”

So, I’ve found in life, if someone acts as if they are the know-it-all of everything, (And we have a lot of famous people acting out this fantasy) it’s PROOF, that…they don’t. And the vast army of genius who think they know everything (Like the planet only has 100 years left)—–

Well…too bad Richard Feynman wasn’t around to play one of his famous jokes on them.

So…how’s that for getting off politics for one day?





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