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The Kentucky Derby: No Kneeling Unless on TOP of the Horse.

Nobody Flashes,

I missed this because I was outside raking leaves…Pentatonic…singing the National Anthem.

It seems the mikes were off balanced in this, but their clothes alone were entertaining enough. Is that outfit taken from an old Sear and Roebuck swim suit edition? Can we send one to Ellen Degenerate?

Isn’t it nice that at least ONE traditional American event has not been spoiled by sports men kneeling?

No horses kneeling either.

Justify won: And while the commentator kept saying there is no horse like him…I guess he must be new to the sport. Seattle Slew, and Secretariat…were football field lengths beyond the pack.

Still, Justify is a fitting name for this year’s Mueller fiasco…

And he is ONE horse’s potutee that needs to be Justified.

Let me just say that the only horse race I ever bet on, I won. With a horse named “Mighty High Hat.” After that, I quit betting on horses.

Unless of course, someone gives me a ticket to next year’s Kentucky Derby.

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