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Sad Day: Another Patriot: Governor Eric Greitens: Crushed by Deep State Tyrants

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Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri, has resigned. Like General Flynn, another patriot is demolished. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Greitens earned a doctorate from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. During his four tours of duty as a U.S. Navy SEAL officer, he rose to the rank of lieutenant commander, commanded a unit targeting Al-Qaeda, and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Later, after serving as a White House Fellow, Greitens founded a non-profit organization, The Mission Continues, to serve veterans.[3] Time included him in its list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013.[4]

It’s a sad day for Missouri.

Almost from the beginning, folks here in Missouri were really rooting for our first republican governor in YEARS back in 2016.  Donald Trump was on a roll, and Eric Greitens was much in the same vein. I knew a lady who lived next door to him growing up, and we would secretly whisper to each other at the summer pool swim, “Oh, I hope he gets it.

After Ferguson, and the tyrannical way Obama and Holder came into our neighborhoods and basically ordered the then Governor (D.)Jay Nixon, to hold the National Guard back…and let the neighborhoods burn to the ground, just so Obama could start his race wars…we were ready for a change.

Even the blacks here were sick of the crime and abuse. It was all about Obama’s “change.” Nixon just stepped aside and let our whole city be destroyed, to please Obama…changing the people who live here lives forever.

So, when he was elected, we were elated. My husband and I even more so, when we found out that our state tax returns had nearly tripled last year, and it was clear he wanted to clean up the drug infested cities.

Here’s what you need to know about Missouri. The majority of the state is red. The two major cities, Kansas City and St. Louis are blue. In fact, I don’t know about Kansas City, but St. louis, which has been run by democrats ever since I was born, (we won’t go into that) is a dead town.

Dead, dead, dead.

All that’s left is the baseball stadium and hockey stadium.

Missouri went for Trump, and both houses are republican. Still, we have our share of Maxine Waters mouthing off every change they get.

So, why did he resign?

As usual, the ‘deep state’ dug up a big sex scandal, with the black liberal Congresswomen yelling for his impeachment.

What did he do? He had an affair with his hairdresser, many years ago and took a picture of her. Some deep pockets got her x-husband involved with the witch hunt.

It all came out to be a big lie, and funded with $100,000 by George Soros, and when that came out, the case was dropped.

But then they thought up this: Eric illegally got lists of names when he was running for governor to put on his mailing list for votes…from a charity he started.

You cannot make this up.

Basically, his main crime was done to his wife.

He fought the democrats and their slimy lawyers, and finally gave up. Just like General Flynn, he quit. And for the same reasons.

What they do is find some stupid thing, mostly past sexual sins, act like it a major offense, and then the media pounds it day by day, the politicians and their lawyers join in, and the legal bills just mount up.

The democrats, destroy lives. It’s what they do. First Flynn, and now Greitens.

And it’s driving them crazy that they can’t destroy President Trump the same way.

It’s gotten almost zero attention on the National news, but here in Missouri, it was a sad day when Governor Eric Greitens resigned. We all knew it was a witch hunt, and we would have all stuck with him, and voted him in again.

Sadly, it was too much for his fortune and his family.

He can go back to the military…he doesn’t need to be governor.

But, what a loss to Missouri. The drug cartels have no more worries, and already, they’re talking about raising taxes.


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