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“Pity Party” for John McCain? Why?

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Okay. There comes a time when the John McCain ‘pity’ party needs to get a bus out of Dodge. In what rule book does it say that a public servant can ridicule and insult the President just about every other second, and its O.K. because he suffered torture at that hands of the enemy in war?

Why can John McCain demand apologies from a President and President Trump can’t? Where is that rule?

Last week, somebody named Kelly Sadler, a White House staffer, was probably, like the rest of us, sick and tired of John McCain trying to run the country with his big mouth and “NO” votes, and said, and this is important—IN PRIVATE: “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.”

Once again, someone leaked that private TRUE statement to the press, who made it into an insult, when to many of us, it’s not that big of a deal. She needs apologize to no one.

The person who leaked it should be fired, not her. 

John IS dying. He TOLD us he is dying. Sorry Lindsey Graham, that’s not an insult it’s a fact.

John had come out, and said with his usual viciousness that he didn’t like President Trump’s nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel.

Right before that, he basically said he made the mistake of having Sarah Palin as his VP running mate.

EVERYBODY knows that Sarah Palin saved John McCain from complete embarrassment when he ran for President. John McCain was almost as bad a candidate as Hillary. She not only breathed life back into his campaign, she was pretty much responsible for the “tea party” which grew into the Trump tsunami, which lead to the republicans taking over the House AND the Senate.

No…John McCain gets no credit for any of that. Sarah Palin does.

Meghan McCain suggested on Friday that Sadler should be fired.


The only reason Meghan McCain is making big bucks on a television station is because of her Daddy. I’m sure there were thousands of “nobodies” who would have liked that job, but Daddy got it for her.

And even though John McCain suffered terribly during the Vietnam War, let’s get this straight. Over 50,000 did not even return from that war. John McCain can at least walk, lead a very lucrative life as a Senator, and live in a what…$40 millions dollar mansion in Arizona?

Not many veterans came home to that after war.


What has John McCain done for the little guy in America? (Uhh…..)

What has John McCain done for the veterans? (Go watch them talk about him on Youtube…not pretty)

What has John McCain done for any of us really? (I’m still trying to come up with something…)

What has John McCain done besides play the “pity me” card to the hilt. Not any different from Obama playing the race card.

You couldn’t disagree with Obama because he was black.

You are not supposed to disagree with John McCain, because he was tortured.

Well, that doesn’t give him the right to torture America.

And then there’s the fact that his brain IS damaged. His frontal lobes are making him more of an **$&hole then he usually is.

So, lets’ stop the ‘pity’ party for John McCain. Many a soldier, has come back from war with just as much damage and did not get to lead the life that he has.

John McCain, sad as it is, is one of the worst politicians in the swamp. Soros is the boss of John McCain.

And by the way, while many of us want him to just go away, remember: Jimmy Carter had a brain tumor, and was cured.

John McCain, might live to be 100. I know.

That would be…torture.


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