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The Jacobins are BACK.

Nobody Remembers

I was thinking about Bernie Sanders today, and whether he was a true socialist, or just a old communist in disguise. 

I always wondered how Bernie Sanders was even allowed to get on the democratic ticket against Hillary Clinton, didn’t you? I thought it was planned. The democrats wanted to take the party to the far left, so he was put up there. I’m not sure Hillary realized just how popular he would be.

Bernie promised free everything— basically the old communist big sales pitch: utopia America style. His following was bigger than Hillary’s because they were young…and proof that the liberals in our school systems had done a very good job keeping the horrors of communism out of their lessons.

The kids just don’t learn a thing about it. In fact, they just don’t even mention the word.

Did you know who the first communists were?

The Jacobins. Yes, those famous French revolutionaries who beheaded 40,000 men and women heads in a year. They called their guillotine organization, “The Committee of Public Safety.”

Very Orwellian…like “Obamacare.”

Their targets were the wealthy, the religious, and their political opponents. They were complete totalitarians.

Lenin praised the “great, ineradicable, unforgettable things provided by the Jacobins to the 18th century” and claimed that “the Jacobins gave France the best models of a democratic revolution.”

Leon Trotsky, Lenin’s ally, said Lenin was Maximilien Robespierre. He said that Lenin methods were “a dull caricature of the tragic intransigence of Jacobinism, whereby the “party is replaced by the organization of the party, the organization by the central committee, and finally the central committee by the dictator.”

The Russian modeled themselves on the Jacobins, and Lenin would murder 40,000 in his first year. Both would be outdone by Stalin and Mao, the Kims and Pol Pot.

Two more famous Jacobins admirers, Marx and Engels, would sit around in the salons of the elite ‘intellectuals’ in Paris, and it was there they gave birth to the word: ‘communism.’

Like many of the intellectuals of today, they never worked a day in their lives. Marx lived off his poor parents, then Engels. His wife and children lived in poverty. Marx was the typical moocher….he made a career out of living off other people. (I could name many an American politician that does exactly this, but I won’t.)

BUT— in the liberal hotbed of New York last week, a full-fledged socialist was elected: Rubio beware, you now have competition.


U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley, a member of the Democratic House leadership, has been defeated by a 28-year-old challenger, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in the Democratic congressional primary in New York.

She attended Boston University, where she earned degrees in economics and international relations, and spent time working in the office of the late U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy.

After graduating, she returned to the Bronx where she became a community organizer. In the 2016 presidential campaign she worked for Sanders.

They want you to think she came out of nowhere, but she’s backed by which is Soros.

Yes, they’ve found a female Obama.

Alexandria says she wants to be more ‘progressive.” Hillary says, she is a “progressive.” The communists changed their name to “progressive.”
The ‘progressives’ tolerate nothing. They ARE totalitarians.

The kids today are so stupid many of them think ‘progressive” means you have an I-Phone and Instagram. 

So, what do we see happening? We see the democrats trying to start a war.

The democrats are going to try to forge a regular ‘revolution” and it’s not going to be like the one America fought for Independence…nope.

The communist party has been in our shadows and even in our highest offices: Obama’s Muslim brother CIA Director John Brennan once voted for a communist. And communism and Islam have a LOT in common.

While Hitler has been the poster boy for evil, communism has only killed 100 million people MORE than him, and now the young kids are saying, “Why not give it another shot?

When I was at the library yesterday, I asked the young black librarian if they had Bill Clintons’ newest release…

“There are 600 holds on it” she said with a smile.

“Never mind” I said, and laughed.

And then, I laid “The Politically Correct Book on Communism.” On the desk.

The look she gave me, was all I needed to know…if the young kids start voting, we might be in big trouble.

Because, they know NOTHING about communism. All they do know is Trump is Hitler. And how do you deal with Hitler?

Only one way, according to the ‘progressives.”

The Jacobins are back.


June 28, 2018 - Posted by | communism |


  1. Joyanna Adams, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.


    Comment by Anonymous | July 1, 2018 | Reply

  2. Hey, great thoughts Tim!

    I was thinking just today that I remember a few weeks ago Zuckerberg suggesting that everyone get a fixed income, and then people could have the time to pursue whatever…

    It’s basically the old communist sales pitch.

    So, does the ‘smartest’ man in the country know that he is promoting communism?
    Or, does he just think it’s a cool solution to problems?

    Nobody Knows.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 29, 2018 | Reply

  3. Unless those that love freedom do not wake up soon we are lost. Unfortunately the so-called intellectuals are pretty stupid. They know the outcome of Marxism, but they think they are smarter and will make it work. Nope, doesn’t work. Once people realize they get the same amount weather they work or not they stop working. Then boom no one has anything.
    As much as I think Marx was wrong on a lot of his concepts some of the ideas of the workers controlling more of the resources are actually getting closer to that in our capitalistic society. The issue though is that those that do not want to take risks cannot manage anything that can last. It will always crumble and fall apart. Like when unions get too big and demand too much the company closes. Do people learn from the past? Nope. Recent example was Hostess, unions wanted too much and they shut down. Luckily they were smarter than people gave them credit. Waited for the unions to loss out then reopened unionless. I can cite many examples. Pan-am for one. People need to remember history before they join up with groups promising too much. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Pol pot and so on. Give me power and I will give you more. Nope you get worse poverty and they get real rich.
    The clueless masses that when the lame stream media says something they all join in. Not looking at the history or the background. LSM Trump is a racist, so they all say he is a racist. SMH.
    I have to say that most of what is happening right now has been predicted in an alternative Scripture that most misunderstand. The Book of Mormon talks about a strife between two political parties, one was called the Freemen the other Kingmen. I see what was going on during that time as now. I will call the two groups Freemen and givemestuffmen. The kingmen promised so much that people were willing to back them and lose their freedom. It caused the eventual downfall of the government. It was a predictor of Christ being born in Jerusalem. Maybe we are getting close to the very end and when we break up it will be the precursor to the end.


    Comment by Tim | June 29, 2018 | Reply

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