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Last night, after the President insisted that “America would never be a socialist nation” and then the camera panned in on Bernie Sanders…I remembered Obama saying, right before HIS election to the Presidency.


Watching the video above, and how the woman explained how they introduce socialism SLOWLY…it became so very clear; Obama did a lot to put the country on the socialistic path we now witnessed sitting in our Congress.

They have to do it slowly, don’t they? Otherwise, too many Americans would wake up.

President Trump, once again, revealed the ALL the socialists with one speech.

By the way, I got this off of Infowars, a website which has been banned off Facebook, and Google.

If you know any young people, it might be a good idea to pass this video around. The liberals make socialism seem like Utopia.

If we don’t teach them now, by the time they grow up and realized the mistake, it will be too late.

NOBODY Wins under socialism.

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  1. Yes, I agree. His State of the Union Speech was again, reaching out to people that hate him. Trying to appeal to their love of country.

    But, they don’t love the country. As many have noted, their biggest love of the speech was celebrating the fact that they got into Congress. And all the perks that will go with that job the rest of their lives.

    They have ALWAYS divided the country, by race, by gender, rich against poor….it’s the only way they stay in power.

    It’s right out of the communist playbook.

    There is one thing you can be sure of with the liberals. Whatever crime they say Trump is doing?

    They are committing that crime in spades. Hillary colluded with Russia. Obama divided the nation every day on race. They still do. They act like not wanting illegals here is racist, when it’s not.

    It’s slight of hand. It’s been working for them for years, and it’s getting really old to me.

    Thanks for the comment Tim.

    Be sure Pelosi will NEVER give into the wall.

    It’s their only hope for 2020.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | February 7, 2019 | Reply

  2. It amazes me that the left is saying Trump divides us and want unity, I heard part of what our President said and it was very unifying. Then I hear all the liberals saying terrible things about what he said, so does that mean they do not want to unify? For all the never Trumpers that say he has not tried to unify our country I say how can he when they hate everything he says. Even if it is something they wanted, but because he supports it now they hate it. Can’t unify if the other side digs their heels in and says no to everything.


    Comment by Tim | February 7, 2019 | Reply

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