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Nobody Asks for Prayers

Nobody…Asks for Prayers.

May God hear all the prayers of those in need today: those feeling helpless, those tired of the constant emptiness of our culture, those wanting more out of life, those turning to drugs, and those who can’t turn to drugs.

Too many souls are really suffering tonight, too many children lost to the parents who NEVER get on the news, who lead lives of quiet desperation. They are not dragging their kids across the border:they are right here working day and night in our own country.

The evil in some of our leaders are destroying our children’s future. Transvestites teach our children in libraries now.

Their innocence is being robbed. Stolen. Damaged.

Suicide is rampart. Nobody talks about it. Nobody.

Just last week, my local fire chiefs told me that two sons of fire chiefs in the city, lost their sons to opioids. Drugs fill our cities and our schools, and now, marijuana is being sold to collect taxes, make the rich richer, and fill the hospitals with more cancer down the line.

And yet, we watch the daily news which fills our airways and lives with hatred, while millions in America are sleeping on the street.

I am filled with sorrow tonight at the evil people who walk the planet and who have taken such a gift called America, and destroyed it for their own pleasure.

God help us now…Nobody Says a prayer.

And Nobody hopes, if enough of us pray, that some one we all think is there, will hear us, and give us, a miracle.


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