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Ross Perot: A Country of Patriots Thank You.

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The great patriot, Ross Perot, died today. Ross Perot paved the way for the tea party and Donald Trump, no question about it.

Due to Daddy’s Bush’s “Globalization” utopia, Ross, I’m sure knew he couldn’t win, but he tried to warn us all about what would happen.

He kept Daddy from a second term, but Bill Clinton kept up the global deep state in his eight terms. It might as well as been H.W. in office. It doesn’t matter to the deep state whether there is a republican or a democrat as President, as long as they obey the deep state of globalization, and continue with merging Mexico with America.

So, after Perot was demonized as a madman, American patriots had to go underground for year. But after Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama, we finally came back when Donald Trump came on the scene, and picked up where Perot had left off.

He was not only a great American patriot, but a businessman, much like President Trump.

I voted for him twice. In the debates he always spoke, like Trump, the truth. Most anybody who ran a business knew it.

The second time, the ‘deep state’ went after him, and made sure everyone called him crazy. He dropped out because he said there were black helicopters threatening his family. The Bush family went after him with full power. He, like Trump, was submarined back into private life.

I believed him. I believe he was scared for his family, and their lives. He said so. Nobody blamed him at all.

Everybody laughed. The Bush family blamed him for Daddy’s loss to Bill Clinton. But it didn’t matter because Bill Clinton was on the NAFTA, CAFTA, drain our country dry train, with the Bush’s blessings. To this day, the Clintons and the Bushes love each other.

Ross Perot set the stage for Donald Trump. And I find it stomach churning today, when George W. Bush tweeted this—

Still trying to score brownie points with the American people, George?

Some of us…still remember…what your family did to his.

Like I’ve said before: The Bushes pumped up that great “sucking” sound. No legacy there.

Ross Perot, did more for this country than either Bush. So…..

R.I.P. dear sir. You leave a very grateful nation.

You paved the way for President Trump and renewed the fight for America.

And THAT love of country, overshadowed all the Presidents in the last two decades.


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