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EU STILL Trying to Rule the World

Nobody’s Opinion

I was watching part of BLACK HAWK DOWN today, and remembering how President Bill Clinton left our soldiers stranded in the hotbed of Mogadishu. Then I remembered how Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama left those brave men in Benghazi to be killed. Let’s not forget how President Obama left billions of dollars of American weapons on the Middle Eastern fields to be picked up and used by Iranians.

No mistake about it: Hillary and Obama were in line with the elite global leaders of the world in Brussels. And they not only supplied weapons to Iran, but a whole lot of money to them to continue to fight our soldiers.

Yesterday, France insulted our President by inviting the Iranian Foreign Minister to come to the meeting of the G-7. The elites of Brussels want a deal with Iran, they are trying to FORCE the United States to stand down. President Trump was trying to get Russia to the talks, the other elites refused. THE EU is trying to make the US submit.

How does Russia react? They fire two missiles from nuke subs in the artic. I don’t know about Europe, but just one nuke over the center of the U.S. fired from the artic would put us all back into the stone age.

And yet, what is the talk on CNN? Trump is the next mass murderer.

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances said President Donald Trump “may be responsible for many more million deaths” than Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong. 

Which makes you wonder if the democrats are not only hoping for the assassination of President Trump (They all talk about it) or  a recession to weaken his reelection, but are they now secretly planning for some kind of mass attack somewhere?

Something they can BLAME on Trump?

Do you really think someone like Bill Maher would care if millions are killed as long as Trump is gotten rid of?

This nobody thinks, he wouldn’t give one little hoot.

Anthony Scarapoochie is now screaming that Trump is a Fascist. He is hanging out at Martha’s Vineyard with the Clintons, and the Obamas and Biden.

While these elites dine on the finest food, and stay in the most expensive hotels, not one of them cares about their own countries. France, England, and Germany have given over their countries to the Muslims. They love to plaster their ‘meetings’ all over the world so the ‘world’ knows just how important they all are.

In the meantime, all you hear is how President Trump should not talk like he does. And then he doubles down. The only sane person on the planet it seems.

Well, the day they shut HIM up, will be the saddest day.

After all this talk about the Jews…good lord. They live on a sliver of land that’s surrounding by billions of Muslims. And yet, the Muslims want them to leave, because why? Why can’t they take care of their own?

Who is the bully here?

The President was right in saying that any Jew that votes democrat is disloyal.

You have to wonder about the Jew who hates President Trump. Maybe it comes back to the same old belief about them that has been for many years.

When it comes to being loyal to your religion or your pocketbook, most men…

Will choose….

The money. And most of these Jews do NOT live in Israel. They ARE…citizens of the global world, where they can never be touched again.

As for China? That’s another blog.

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