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James Comey: Guilty! But Free to Go

Nobody Cares

I just wrote about this the other day. There’s a pattern to all this stuff. The truth is pointing out that our highest officials commit felonies, crimes, and treason, and YES! We all hear about it!

But, none of them will ever face punishment. Get use to this one rule for them, and one rule for us plebeians.

This is NOT suppose to happen in America, where the rule of law no longer exists.

The 80 page fact finding on all of James Comey’s many crimes doesn’t matter at all…because the D.O.J., won’t prosecute.

It’s as if somewhere a vast think tank that controls our propaganda, has decided that just letting the public know that their leaders are corrupt to the core, should pacify them, or at least get them use to the idea that nothing will EVER happen to the leaders of the country.

Unless of course, it’s our President.

This news today marks a big black eye on our whole government. You won’t hear ANY congressmen or women say a word about the injustice of it all…no, a Hurricane bearing down on Margo Largo will take over the news and Comey will go about acting like he’s the new Jesus….

In the meantime, the anger of the American people, will be muffled as if you had put your control on mute. And the new FBI director is just as corrupt as the last.

Unfortunetly, WE THE PEOPLE have no say whatsoever in this at all.

We might as well be China.


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