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President Trump’s Saves the Light Bulb!

Nobody Cares

President Trump did a wonderful thing today, he gave us back the lightbulb we all love.

I remember thinking how INSANE it was to make us all buy light bulbs with mercury inside if it happened to break. You had to run, and put on a mask, hope your pets or your kids didn’t inhale the fumes…find a broom…and pray. Those of us who actually got educated before the great progressive takeover of our schools were told time and time again how dangerous mercury was and to be extra careful with thermometers.

All I could think of when they put those bulbs on the shelves was “I guess that’s just another way the deep state has thought up to cleverly make us all sick.”

For years, I’ve gone from store to store searching for the old bulbs, especially the 100 watts which give you more light. When I find them, it’s truly like finding an old friend.

By the way…Thomas Edison had a huge bulb in his lab in Ft. Meyers, Florida which burned for over 40 years. And yet, we were told the new lights would burn longer.

Okay,maybe. But you couldn’t read very well  by them.

So, Thank you Mr. President! You continue to “Make America Great Again!” by bringing back the more sensible light bulb we all loved.

And just in case you’re like those mercury filled things: You will STILL be able to buy them. At the extra cost.

Go ahead. It’s your dime.

exposure to light bulb mercury.


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