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Michael Bloomberg: Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares

Biden is clearly falling despite the media trying to convince everyone that he beats Trump in every state according to the polls. He never knows what state he’s in. He would no doubt have to have someone to tell him what ROOM he’s in.

And Hillary, maybe they now know what’s coming down the pike about Hillary and so, being the globalists that they are, they need another “Middle of the Road” candidate to bring in socialism with a steely hand.

Just in case…..

Some very rich people might care about Bloomberg, but he’s not Donald Trump. And he won’t draw the crowds, he’s pretty boring.

He’s a globalist, and will bring forth all the same policies as Sanders.

Bloomberg would outlaw our guns, AND our soda. He believes in climate change taxes. I wouldn’t doubt it if he rationed gas along with our health care.

So, Nobody Cares if you decide to run Mr. Bloomberg. You might be able to make it in New York, but middle America?

Pardon us while we go buy our big gulps and watch a Trump rally.

Go ahead and run simply because: Nobody Cares….you’re not that special.  

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