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Nobody’s Perfect: Clint Eastwood

Nobody’s Perfect

One of America’s favorite actors just HAD to come out and NOT make our day last week: Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood threw away his good side, and showed his bad and UGLY side.

Clint joined with Judge Judy in supporting the richest, most boring, and biggest China lover in the bunch of democratic lineups we’ve seen since Richard Nixon decided to open up China: Mike the {I just need another term to ban all the thing I want to) Bloomberg.

So, while most of us were going, “Oh no. Another great American Conservative Icon bites the dust.” Remember: Clint first and foremost directs, acts, and produces his own movies now. He’s a libertarian, which means…nothing.

I guess he’s pretty pissed off at all his fans, since his last movie didn’t do so well.

The 89-year-old discussed the #MeToo movement, career highlights and dished on his political views in a revealing interview with the Wall Street Journal, and it turns out Mike Bloomberg has the actor’s support.

“The best thing we could do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there,” Eastwood told the outlet.

But the “Richard Jewell” director said he still takes issue with the “ornery” state of politics in America, adding that he’d like to see the president act “in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names.”
“I would personally not like for him [Trump] to not bring himself to that level,” Eastwood added.

Seriously? From the guy who talked to an empty Obama chair for ten minutes insulting Obama in true Hollywood glory?

Come on.

Judge Judy has sworn she will fight to the death to defeat Bernie Sanders which makes you wonder if this isn’t more about the rich global elites (which include Clint and Judy) worried VERY much about their own money being made in CHINA. Now that the Chinese people can’t even GO to their movies, it’s going to be a sad day for the rich entertainers.

Notice: Neither Clint NOR Judy attacked Sanders, who WOULD take their money. Why is that?

Bloomberg said that the Leader of China loves his people. (As he starves them to death in their apartments.) Are Clint and Judy that clueless when it comes to communism? Answer: No.

So, why did Clint feel the need to trash our President over…tweets? Really? Is he THAT stupid?

Once again dear Nobodies, I suggest we follow the money.

When Warren Buffet comes out and endorses Bloomberg over Trump, well, there’s proof enough. The top one percenters are afraid what will happen to THEM. They already are on the global gravy train which Trump will stop.

Who knows how much Clint is worth, but hey, Clint, THIS Nobody is pretty sure that President Trump is going to be reelected: so go ahead…ask me.…

“ Are you feeling lucky?”


Oh, and it’s not just me…here’s a few comments for the Nobody Peanut Gallery, who HAVE made you rich.

Love you Clint but the days of Bush, Romney, McCain are over. Draining the swamp is more important than trying to “get along” with the hateful socialist “Democrats”.

Maturity and dignity don’t cut it when the opposition is tearing up the furniture and peeing on the carpet. Trump is brash but he’s what we need now. NOT a conniving lawyer, NOT a paid-off politician, and NOT going to put up with anyone else’s cr@p.

Thought Dirty Harry was not so genteel, your feelings were hurt! LOL!

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