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Nobody Remembers the Crash of 2008

Nobody Remembers

It’s amazing isn’t it? How the media can SCARE the world? Make everyone believe that the world is going to die off, so that the economies of the world suffer.

What’s scarier: a virus that may or may not kill a few thousand people, or a deep state media-controlled panic button is pushed and the population told to be prepared to basically, maybe get sick an die.

Is the world that gullible?

The Coronavirus could not have come at a more opportune time for the American elections. President Trump has out done all historical records when it came to the stock market and jobs. And now, with a “virus” all his hard work might be destroyed.

And what does that tell us?

Globalization was a disaster. When you attached every economy in the world, all it takes in one country to falter, and bring the rest of everyone down with it. Today the stock market is crashing due to the panic button being pushed by deep state globalists.

Topline: All three stock indexes fell by over 10% from previous record highs as of Thursday morning, indicating markets have plunged into correction territory amid the ongoing panic over coronavirus⁠—and are now on pace for their worst week since the 2008 financial crisis.

Tell me: Whose bright idea was it to tie all the global economies together so that if one falls, everybody falls?

I’d like to know, wouldn’t you? Our brightest politicians jumped into bed with the multinational companies and sent our jobs overseas: Globalization was supposed to keep us all from fighting, instead what it did was make a few 300 people at the top of the world MUCH richer. And that’s why, people all over the world are protesting.

To this nobody it seems insane. Everyone with a 401K is at the mercy of the stock market, basically a big casino controlled by the banks. . Our money is in the hands of gamblers and thieves. Forget the virus. Not even close to the economic damage the ‘progressive’s can do.

And it seems, once again we are being looted.

Let’s remember 2008: From the book Broke by Glenn Beck

“Many people forget that Clinton presided over years of a tech boom, and many others do not acknowledge that Bush paid the price for its end. But it was a very real event of the economy. About $5.6 trillion of wealth evaporated as the stock indexes collapsed. The NASDAQ alone fell from more than 5,000 in 1999 to less than 2,000 by 2002, destroying the value of the 401(k)s, pension funds, and mutual funds that people had come to rely on.

The ensuing recession reduced revenue growth from an average of 8.77 percent a year from 1998 through 2000 to an average of -4.1 percent a year from 200 through 2003. With 1.5 million fewer people working and less revenue coming in from individuals and businesses (not to mention a collapsed stock market reducing capital gains and dividend revenues), annual tax revenues fell by $250 billion between 2000 and 2003

Then toward the end of Bush’s terms, the economy endured the subprime crisis housing market collapse, and Great Recession which caused another $10 trillion of wealth to be lost

Many people don’t realize that George W. Bush and his GOP group of drunken sailors spent more money than every president since LBJ.

And here we go again. Millions of people will watch their 401(k)s which President Trump has worked hard to build by all the record highs he has gotten with policies on Wall Street to be wiped out by event beyond his control.

Many people, like me, have to wonder, when there is NOBODY dying in the Unites States yet, and very few actually dying around the world YET. Is this the globalist last attempt at making sure Trump does not get reelected?

After all, during 2008, most all of Wall Street and the rich elites TRIPLED their fortunes, while the rest of us suffered.

Is this happening again?

Russian is blaming the United States for unleashing the raging Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on China in a Trump-sanctioned effort to cripple the latter’s economy. They contend 2019-nCoV is really an American biowarfare weapon developed by U.S. scientists and covertly launched by American spies to destroy rival China.

And China now is saying that it’s our fault.

Nobody Knows, but it does make you mad. Like many have said…you HAVE to be suspicious when you hear the Chinese make comments right out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth:

China Blames ‘Xenophobia’ and ‘White Supremacist Racism’ for Coronavirus Fears

So, COULD this virus have been planned to save the global plans?

Nobody Knows. But we have witnessed in the last three years such unimaginable crimes being done by our top leaders and corporations, thinking they would release a virus to destroy Trump’s finest achievements is really not beyond any ones imagination.

Who on this PLANET does not think that is possible?

We remember the crash of 2008: Our own politicians caused that one, and they and their friends became very rich off it.

But one thing we DO know: President Trump did not cause this.

(And don’t worry Rush. We know you never said it.)


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