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Nobody Reports: State of the Democratic Communist Union

Nobody Reports

Wow. The governors of both New York and California are ruling like the dictator that they claim the President is. Despite my concern about the communists taking over the great cities of America, one by one, and St. Louis is the next, I thank my lucky stars that I don’t live in New York or California.

King De Blasio has issued an order that now, the police will be used at checkpoints so that if you want to enter HIS kingdom, you must be tested and IF you are from some state that is a “hot plate” for the virus, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days or face the penalty of $10,000 fine.

King De Blasio. Can do…anything.

And then there’s the Kings of L.A.:

BREAKING: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announces he is authorizing the city to shut off water and power to any houses or businesses that are hosting any parties or unauthorized large gatherings. It will begin Friday night, and LAPD will respond, then contact DWP to cut it off @FOXLA

7:19 PM · Aug 5, 2020

Unless of course, it’s a BLM protest or Steven Spielberg has  a house party in Beverly Hills to raise money for Biden.

This is scary. What is going to happen if good Americans don’t start yelling about the REAL dictators among us?

Nobody Reports: I broke the law today at Wal Mart. I did not follow the arrow in and out directions in the aisles. I REFUSE to walk all the way around the bread aisle when the product I want is a few feet away. There it was: a big green arrow saying “THIS WAY” and I felt the horror of “Do I break the Wal-Mart Law”

By the way. Nobody was even in the aisle.

There was a lady in one other aisle who found a man going the wrong way and had to correct him on it. They both had masks on.

The amount of stupid people in the world knows no bounds. FEAR. FEAR RULES US ALL. And here is a prime example of a woman who was so appalled that the lady in front of her did not have a mask on, she had to video tape it.


It’s pretty clear, all the teacher’s union are joining in on the “closing down” of all schools. This is ALL about destroying the economy, so that mom and dad can’t go BACK to work.

Actually, releasing a virus to kill off the old people that REMEMBER freedom, and save yourself a lot of money at that from having to pay for their big medical bills and pensions, is just a win/win strategy.

Destroy their health care, (And their health with who knows WHAT is in the food) scare them to death so they CAN’T make it to the polls…this was a brilliant plan.

If the people don’t comply, cut off their water. And their electric.

And they call Trump a dictator.

I’m CONVINCED from these communists that if America rebels at any of these orders the middle of the country will get an EMP right over their heads. They will say Russia attacked us, and blame it on President Trump.

Bill Clinton HAS hinted about that. In his book. He loved New Orleans before Katrina.

And then they will bring in China to rebuild us. WHY? It’s not only meds that are made in China, it’s all generators.

Thank you Jeffery Immelt.

And one more complaint before the weekend: Alex Jones had some young kid on his INFOWARS.COM talking about how Trump lied, he hated the man, and how Trump didn’t fulfill any of his promises, but clearly, we must vote for him because otherwise we will become a socialist country.

Here’s a fact: I can’t think of ONE-time Trump has lied. And yet I hear this on my radio, and TV every single minute of every single day.

And if this young idiot doesn’t realized that Trump tried to pass ALL of his promises and was blocked by both the Congress and federal judges at each and every turn, not to mention Paul Ryan just doing NOTHING at all when he had the power, then Alex needs to start paying attention to his employees.

Maybe he thinks this will get the YOUNG and ignorant to vote for Trump, but it will also question why we should trust Alex Jones.

Donald Trump once said in one of his books” Don’t trust anyone.”
And that’s just about right.

Nobody Reports: This constant propaganda crap is why Hostess Cupcakes are making a strong stock investment in the market.

Excuse me while I go have one.

Have a great weekend!

We MUST prevail!

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