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Nobody Wonders About Headlines and Tech Guy From India

Nobody Wonders

How can you even enjoy your morning coffee when you read these headlines?

From the Liberty Daily site: (A good place to start.)



New York state Senate has passed a bill “allowing” government officials to throw people in concentration camps indefinitely if they are deemed to be a public health threat.

NOBODY: Oh, that’s a SURE sign China has captured New York. What constitutes a “public health threat?” Donald Trump Jr? Someone driving a pick-up truck down Fifth Avenue? Someone wearing a MAGA hat? How about Hillary Clinton falling down the steps of the United Nations? Governor Cuomo spitting on the sidewalk while he fondles some young unsuspecting woman? Bill De Blasio’s limo? Gee…could this actually happen?



Ex-Speaker Boehner Blames Trump For ‘Bloody’ Capitol Violence, Trump Responds – ‘Was He Drinking?’

Nobody: GOD…we miss him.


Canadian Police Barricade Church Entrance, Place High Security Fence to Keep Worshippers Out

Nobody: Justin Trudeau wanted to show Canada that America wasn’t the ONLY country that could put up Fences, and attack Christians.


Biden Suggests Only Vaccinated Can Celebrate 4th Of July, Accuses Non-Masked Americans Of ‘Spreading Virus’

Nobody: Come on. You think Joe even CARES about this? No, Obama, does. He’s really running Joe. They’ve been trying to get rid of the 4th all through Obama years. Obama HATED the 4th. Which means, I hope this year, everybody goes nuts.


Biden Regime Makes Up History: April Is ‘Arab American Heritage Month,’ Arab Contributions ‘Are as Old As America Itself’

Nobody: Robert Spencer did an excellent job writing about this:

Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States are dedicated, according to a captured internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.” But who at the State Department cares about that, or has cared about it for years? To question the motives of Muslim Brotherhood operatives and their allies at State would be “Islamophobic.”

There were Arabs at Jamestown? In the Massachusetts Bay Colony? At Roanoke? Price didn’t mention the real contributions Arabs have made to our nation: you know, like rearranging the New York skyline, transforming government buildings into grim, nervous fortresses, making air travel the exercise in annoyance and humiliation that it is today, and draining the American economy with two futile wars and hundreds of billions spent on security and counterterror initiatives.—


This best-selling devotional has a prayer that literally says “Dear God, please help me to hate white people.” This is a real book you can buy. At Target.

Nobody: Yes, you too can read this book in the bathroom of Target in the ladies room, NEXT to another black man. In fact, share it, or just put it in HIS purse and walk out.


Chinese Prof Says CCP “Accelerating Plans” To Replace American Dollar

NOBODY: What are they going to do? Put a fence around the Federal Reserve? Move Wall Street To Hong Kong?


Naomi Wolf hasn’t toed the party line on Covid so Facebook blocked her account

Nobody: When I told my neighbor who I saw outside yesterday that I had not gotten the shot, her jaw dropped down to her knees, her eyes got as big craters on the moons and she exclaimed” You mean you’re one of THOSE!”

Naomi…I can’t feel your pain. Sorry. I can’t get kicked off Face book because I’m not on it…


Cop-Hating Leftist Tishaura Jones Wins St. Louis Mayoral Race – As Homicides Soar in St. Louis City to 50-Year High

Nobody: The night before the elected Tishaura was standing in front of an empty parking let saying she had PERSONALLY talked to thousands of people, which means, the democrats have rigged elections in St. Louis for over 50 years. No surprise here. No republican will ever run in St. Louis. She is going to take care of ‘mental health’ and get rid of that racist police department. Downtown is such a third world country, they had to put up concrete barriers on the streets to keep the drug lords from racing at night. VIVA LA SOROS! And Biden is sending another 50 million her way.


Catch-and-Bus: Thousands of Illegals Are Being Bussed to Red States

Nobody: Too bad we can’t bus all the corrupt politicians to China.


I’m sure my tech support guy from India today was probably reading them too, because he said “Let’s both go have a drink!” After reading all these wonderful Headlines, I’m ready.

Something tells me he was reading the same headlines in India.

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