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Nobody’s Opinion: THEY WANT WAR

Wow. Why get up in the morning? Does the news ever get any better?

FIRST: China releases a bio-weapon, built with the help of our every own highly paid NAZI World Criminal…Heir Fauci. MILLIONS of the old, die.

Then, mandatory masks are imposed on the world. THEN solitary confinement. THEN mandatory vaccines with the choice of GET the vaccine or lose your job and starve.  Millions died from the vaccines. Millions lose their jobs, their lives.

This Wuhan Virus allowed China to take over Hong Kong…without a fight.

President Trump was basically kicked out of office by his own cabinet, illegally, and with full lies and cooperation from most of the people in D.C. Our FBI, Justice Department, and CIA fully on board with the coup. Obama, Hillary, and half of Congress and the RINOS pushing him out.

He left quietly.

The people of the world were…silenced…the election stolen, and protests not allowed. Hundreds thrown in jail for just showing up to wave an American flag.  

Mass invasions of refugees from every nation were allowed to invade the West bringing drugs and disease to spread among the population. Mass printing of the Federal Reserve broke the world’s economic future and put it in the hands of the very few elite and wealthy at the top.

Australia’s democracy, was crashed. Its people enslaved. Europe overrun by Muslims, so much that Muhammed became the most named baby.

Then Canada. Stomped on by the dictator— Castro’s boy, Trudeau.

The real target is the U.S. and just about every small business was destroyed by our own leaders. Our schools decimated with the culture of stupid. Severe damage done already to the children.

And like magic, the Deep State and XI, have started a war in the Ukraine. Putin goes to China, and China—ordered Putin to go ahead and take Ukraine. (With Klaus’s approval) China could finally take Taiwan.

A brain dead and basically horrible human being was put in as President to carry out his former master’s orders to downsize the United States into a country that COULD not win, if invaded, or protect itself.

Drugs continue to pour in. China calls all the shots. Our major American companies now bow to China.

Most Americans feel that they will rise up again and things will go back to normal. BUT…they have flooded the country with illegals, and pitted blacks against whites, liberals against conservatives, and they control the airways, the internet, and our schools.

Looks pretty bleak. They control just about everything but our minds.

 Klaus tells us what’s coming to us all. WWIII? Maybe. Most of Western world is pushing for it, because they are seeing wall to wall coverage of the poor people of the Ukraine…crying. The psychological warfare on the world has been tuned to a fine Hollywood script, deserving of an Oscar.

In his last book, The Great Narrative, Klaus had this to say about the world’s future:


Solutions to the major challenges we face do exist and are within grasp, but they will require a great deal of innovation and dramatic changes in our economies and societies, as well as in the institutions, laws and rules that govern them. Our life habits and modes of consumptions will also need to change drastically.


(Natural News) Food riots have already begun in Iraq (Al Jazeera). Lebanon has announced rationing of wheat (Irish Times). Ukraine has halted all exports of most grains, while Russia has halted exports of fertilizer and many sources of natural gas.

The world is being plunged into an engineered global starvation scenario, and in North America, we only have a few months of abundant food still in the supply line.


And let’s not forget the MOST important note of them all. Krause had the plan, and him and his buddies have been working on it for quite some time.  

It seems now, the question remains: Just how much of the planet are they willing to destroy to remain in power?

Do we call their bluff? Or…do we just sit back and watch the show?

Nobody Knows. But at least we know what’s going on…which is a start.

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  1. “”Australia’s democracy, was crashed. Its people enslaved.”” Hmmmmmmmmmmm Bit of an overstatement there, Joy. Victoria had it rough under Dictator Dan, but Vic is the smallest mainland state in a continent nation the size of the US. Here in Tas, the very smallest and off-shore island state, life has gone on fairly normally. Democracy here, and in Oz generally, has been broken for a very long time. We have ‘Representative Democracy’, just as you do, where our elected leaders take no notice of those whom they are supposed to represent, just like in the US. We are not ‘enslaved’. Fooled, perhaps. Dismayed, indeed. Hopeful, ever.


    Comment by Amfortas | March 13, 2022 | Reply

    • Now, that’s the kind of news WE don’t get overhear. You would not believe the reporting that we are only allowed to see here. THAT’s what makes me happy that you are there to put the record straight.  So, what are YOU hearing about the U.S.? I wonder if the news where you live give you dire reports about the U.S ? 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 14, 2022 | Reply

      • We get a lot of news about (and even direct from) America. Our media… TV, newspapers and our entertainment is very similar to the USA, with all the attendant lefty bias. Our National, Free-to-air TV, the Oz Broadcasting Corp is totally biased and happy to sing whatever tune the rabid left is croaking and wailing. We have all the fads like BLM. Can you even imagine BLM in Oz? It isn’t as though we have 12% pf our population that is B or even Br. Its more like 2% here. Yet we have has George Floyd riots here !! Egged on by malicious ‘reporting’.

        We get a diet of American Government ‘news’, even more than our own. American goings-on are given higher priority than our own. It does not surprise me that Americans know little of what goes on in Oz. All that the media thinks matters is the same here as there.

        But of course Oz is quite distinct. We share much in common but are quite different in many respects on the daily level. We have left and right, god-fearing and atheists, medical nutters and saintly heroes. If an American guru of whatever ilk says something there is bound to be an ABC reporter who will advocate it and a Government person who will want to steal tax from people to buy it.

        Oh, by the way, we have guns too. Not as many per capita as you, but quite a few. Our crooks are quieter and our cops carry guns. Our military is excellent. All fifteen of them. We can make do with so few because we have 20,000 civil servants for each of them and no enemy would have the time or resources to fill out the paperwork for an invasion.


        Comment by Amfortas | March 16, 2022

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