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Joe’s Irish Bash at the White House

Nobody Cares

Joe Biden is Irish? Well, he gave himself a great Irish entertianment party for St. Pattie’s day at the White House. The Irish gave HIM…a shamrock or something. How much did the American people pay for this big party for Joe?

He just sent BILLIONS to Ukraine—so what? Is there IRISH in Ukraine? And what is it with the Irish? Hillary was honorerd there too, and they treat her like a royal princess.

Will the Polish get a party? Hey, Joe…the Irish are WHITE…or didn’t you notice?

We can only guess the relationship between the democratic party here in America and the Irish. Mostly, they are New York Cops. I don’t even want to guess at the relationship.

Our good Amfortas, doesn’t think much of them. And for good reason on his part.

Nevertheless, it’s one thing to give yourself a party when your country is being torn apart, but quite another to show the whole event on FOX NEWS. As if to rub it in our face: HEY! Your gas prices are too high? Well, I’m not letting THAT spoil my fun!

Joe Biden might be screwing America, but he is SURE to throw a party for himself while he is doing it. And he sure did want us to see it.

Nobody Cares Joe.

Nobody Cares.

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