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Nobody Wins When Disney Goes Woke

Disney is dead. It’s now a brainwashing vehicle used to mold the little future THEMS into some kind of gay or non-sexual aliens who worship and will guard the galaxy against those bigoted enemies of the old Kingdom called, the MAGIC KINGDOM. A Kingdom that now must be destroyed!

The MAGIC KINGDOM has been renamed. Because let’s face it: The magic is now inside of Cruella Deville, and she calls it ‘Reimagine Tomorrow!”

With the new woke policies of Disney, ALL their old movies HAVE to be remade.

Walt must be raging in his grave. First he made his brother Roy promise to NOT give the company to the Jews. The Jews got control, and put in rides with Roller Coasters that you can find at any Six Flags.

I have to wonder what Disney would think that now the GAY community will run the company? These ladies executives are NOT the norm in America. (See below)

Will Mickey be able to kiss Minnie ever again? Will Donald Duck get kissed by Brutus? The adults are bombarded with gay kisses on all our movies but MUST we screw up the kids?

What’s next? The Dwarfs become Pediofiles, and wait for unsuspecting children in the woods?

Must the gay people DEMAND that heterosexual couples and familes teach their children that they MIGHT be gay like Goofy?

This stuff shouldn’t even be taught in schools until at least grade six or seven. And it shouldn’t be taught with the tyranical message that is being pushed: It’s OKAY to be a boy, OR a girl. OR a lady. OR a man. Instead it’s JUST as NORMAL to be gay, and it’s mother nature’s real way.

Forget that the whole natural planet has said otherwise for millions of years.

Good god. They are changing the whole human race up to this point.

How about Dumbo? Are they going to get rid of his mother?

Mickey is Black. Will we see him carrying a BLM sign?

Have you seen the latest remakes of all the Disney stories? The fairy godmothers become men and the head godmother in Cinderella is a flaming gay/tranvestite?

Why make all kids want to be “gay” and punish those that do NOT want to be gay? That’s what they are doing. They are trying to erase any proclivities towards wanting to be a boy or girl. God forbid a girl wants to be a princess.

They might refuse her passage on Disney grounds.

Anybody who has had a baby KNOW they are mostly different from birth. Even girl DOGS have wiggles. My boy parakeets fly all over the cage, the females are very demure.

And tell me, accepting boys into girl’s sports? Will Bruce Jenner now sponser the next Disney swim contest?

THIS is just as sinister as the vaccines. And God Bless Ron Desantis for standing up to Disney.

GAYS are NOT being discrimanted in America, yet you would think it’s so.

It’s like Joe Biden signing into the law that lynching is a hate crime.

TELL ME: When was the last time a black man was lynched in America?

All the crap going on in the world and that’s Biden’s biggest worry?

Can I SCREAM now?

This is clearly, China taking over Disney. The great new reset of depopulation. Making sure there ARE no men in the world, so that it’s controlled by emotional women. And America can be easily taking over by very masculine soldiers of the New World Order. America is being invaded by them.

Yeah, NEWSFLASH: Woman are emotional. We are WIRED that way. Men like to dominate: they are WIRED that way.

Disney wants to make sure that the Prince NEVER comes to rescue the Princess. Unless of course, she’s a prostitute, like in Pretty Woman.

Is that why they want to inject all those DNA little bombs into our cells? To make us all…childless and happy about it?

They NEED to brainwash the children and what a better way than with the beloved Disney charactors?

How can we forgive them for screwing up such a beautiful expericnce? Disney ALWAYS uplifted you out of your everyday life of despair.

THAT’s the worst of it. Now you will go and be reminded of how cruel, you are.

Many of us grew up with Walt. Disneyland was what Walt wanted it to be: The small American town where Pollyanna grew up, and the evil rich people running the town came to their senses…that life really DID matter. How they ruled really DID matter.

What lessons will Disney teach the kids now?

This must be affecting their sales at the Disney Parks all over the world. They never had to advertise before now, but now, they do.

I said I didn’t want to go to Disney when I found out that you had to give up your fingerprints, wear a band so they could monitor you, lose all privacy and that they would collect all your data that even the government doesn’t have.

I’ve been to both Disney Parks. But why go back? Sad. Very Sad. It was the favorite American faimily vacation.

What’s even sadder is that these women executives are so…STUPID and think they are so in touch with being compassionate.

Another Great American institution bites the dust.

What’s next? The 4th of July?


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