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Day of “Patriots” Call to Unite

I don’t know about everybody else, but I was literally physically sick today upon the rediculous arrest of President Trump, who not only won the last election, and was put up to a communist coup, but since he waited and put his hat in the ring again, they decided to arrest him.

I stayed in bed half the day.

We all know he will win again. The questions is: what will they do to stop him AGAIN? They want to destroy him, and us. It’s clear as day now.

Nobody thinks all good people will unite behind this great man. Remember, even Jesus walked into the city to be hanged. This will only work in his favor, but putting us all through this madness is sheer malicious.

Trump going to New York, a city he help built? Wow.

Here’s a great speech by Trump, and why we all love him.

Yes, Trump will be elected BECAUSE…what George Carlin said so long ago…

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