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Follow the Electronic Voting: How to rig an election.

I was wondering why the ‘arrest’ of President Trump had to happen YESTERDAY, when so much voting was going on throughout the country. Waking up this morning and seeing ALL the ‘progressive’ democrats who won elections, we now know why. Everybody’s attention was on Trump, not the rigged elections going on…rigged you might say?

We saw it happening in Arizona big time with Katie, didn’t we?

By now, unless you are REALLY stupid, you know, with all the proof of how they rigged the last Presidential election, where Trump won the most votes in history and STILL lost to an old demented China puppet, you might want to think…when you keep hearing how all these Communists keep getting elected…are the people of America REALLY that stupid?

I’m getting tired of hearing that America WANTS these morons in office. They WANT higher taxes. They WANT their kids to have sex in the classrooms. They WANT men in sports. They WANT all black representatives. They WANT gay transvestites who steal luggage, and gay men in high positions, who are more concerned about breast feeding their kids than taking care of railroads, airlines or ports.

Yes, we WANT them. It’s OUR fault. “Elections have consequences.”

Or…is it?

Well…remember back. Remember back to the BUSH/GORE Florida debacle? They had all those pictures all over the internet and the panic on all the TV stations about who won? CHADS! Paper CHADS everywhere!! What anger! Bush won. Unfair!

So, how did they fix it? Why electronic voting of course! And they got those suckers in faster than it took to get Trump arrested.

They could just slip in those little wonderful computers and change the outcome! China even helped with it. But, if you read the connections below you will see, that yes, the global elites (And that includes England, the elites in the World Economic Forum, AND China may be controlling all our elections.

It would explain how the SAME people, who are destroying their own cities, keep getting reelected.

Easy pesy. If these voting machines aren’t thrown out by 2024, expect Biden/Hillary to win the next election. (Or Michelle, Or Liz Cheny)

Or so, I’ve read. Nobody Knows if it’s too late to get rid of those machines, but they should have changed it already. Notice, NOBODY is even talking about it.

Trump is right. We should go back to paper voting and one day voting. Period.

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