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Look for the Signs

It’s going to be Good Friday. Let us all remember what good things Christianity has given the world. Sure, Jesus started it all, but it took many good people to give hope to the world, by buildng magnificant chruches, fighting for good against evil, and keeping the Ten Commandments alive.

Myself, I like to reflect on the spirit of God, and the warrior he sent to remind us all…to be humble, to love, and to pray…

Good Friday. Suffering. Yes, too many of us are suffering. It a good time to reflect. And one more thing…

I have to show this picture because I SWEAR, I NEVER put in on my desktop, but there it was one day. I opened up my computer and there it was, plain as day. WHAT? Where did that come from I thought. Who knows? I didn’t put it there, but I never took it down.

And when I’m tired, depressed, feeling overwhelmed with all the bad news, I always think…how in the world did it get there?

No matter. It gives me hope…And reminds me that sheer faith is always the answer. That’s how miricles happen. That’s how I think we should face those suffering souls who are trying to destroy us all.

I share it with you. Go ahead…put it on YOUR desktop.

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