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Joe Biden and the Dalai Lama: We just LOVE Children!

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What is it with these old ‘holy’ leaders? Creeps? Or they just love kids?

I just saw this and remembered that quite a long time ago, I took my then step-daugher, who was 7, and my son who was around 12, to see the GREAT Dalai Lama speak at the University of St. Louis. On stage with him were various religious leaders from town: A Rabbi, a Bishop, a Methodist, a Luthern, and several others I can’t remember. They all gave speeches and WHILE they were giving their speeches the Dalai Lama kept playing with a little girls pigtails. He had motioned her to come up onto the stage and clearly he did not consider the event very important to him: No it was more important to speak and play with the little girl. For hours he sat there and laughed and pulled on that poor girls hair.

When he did get up to speak it was a letdown. Mostly, he quoted from his books. This was right after Richard Gere had made him a popular celebrity here, after he got out of China, leaving his people behind to be slaughtered by the Chinese. He was a GOD. Much like the Pope. And like most communist leaders he left the country to save his own life.

He lived, thanks to Gere, in a very nice apartment in New York City. And made a lot of money doing these kind of talk tours.

The other religious leaders, like I, were clearly not impressed with his behavoir. The excuse for his rude behavior? He just loves to joke around don’t you know! Just like old Joe!

This was over 30 years ago. And I see no difference between the Dalai Lama and Joe Biden. You would think they would keep their proclivities of loving to explore and get off sexually from little kids in public….private. But why should they? I don’t know which one is creepier.

They live in a place where they KNOW no one can touch them, but I can’t help but wanting at least ONE child to turn around and smack them.

How about you?

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  1. I quite agree. Pervy old men and nasty old women should be kept in the attic. They are totally unsuited to decent company and must NEVER be put in positions of power. Let them ‘influence’ snails.


    Comment by Amfortas | April 11, 2023 | Reply

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