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It’s a Hard Job, “Culling the Herd” But The elites are sure they must do it.

Nobody Wins

When the most read magazine by the older generations in America, AARP,  PROMOTES the deadly vaccine shots. They WANT the older generation to die. So much death is NOT being reported, so you’re better off not going into the hospital if you can help it.

Not only that, the cures for COVID were pretty much outlawed. And since older people’s immune systems are already weaker, they know they can get these older people to die so they can be replaced by the illegals flooding into ALL western countries.

The truth is: The people who run this world see that it’s their duty to cull the herd to ‘save the planet’ and they look at people as just numbers. All you have to do is listen to them. Gates, Klaus, and all his students. It’s pretty scary how they look at the old as “We really need to get them off quickly.” It’s really all about their power and money, but clearly, they think that way.

In the meantime, they can brainwash millions with horrible propaganda, like the one that AARP puts out every month. Oh sure, there’s some good tips in there, because they know if the magazine was all absurd, you wouldn’t read it.

For instance…here’s a loving “tip” from AARP…


COVID: BY AARP: IN a study on nearly 7,000 people with COVID in the U.K. about 8 percent of them were sick with a second virus: about half of those cases involved the flu. Patients who had flurona were significantly more likely to require ventilation and to die in the hospital. That’s another reason to get both the flu vaccine and the COVID booster this year. The CDC recommendation is that adults aged 65 plus get the higher dose or adjuvanted flu vaccines than the standard dose. The New England Journal of Medicine found that older adults are six times more likely to suffer a heart attack in the seven days after catching the flu.


And since too many people are NOT getting vaccinated because of the danger, they are now going to put the nano-tech DNA vaccine into the food supply.

Like I said: nobody wins with elites wanting to get rid of a few billion or more.

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