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Look How EXCITED the ELITES ARE about another VIRUS!

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Gates can’t contain his glee, his utter joy upon a new virus coming. They know what’s growing in their labs, and due to all these pesky protests happening around the world, it won’t be years away, it will be SOON. This is disturbing. It’s as if Hitler came out and said, “And we will build MORE gas chambers…soon! Just wait!”

A few days ago, 18,000 cattle were killed in an explosion in Texas. America is under attack. Gates owns most of the farmland in America now. He’s already making fake meat. How the HELL did that happen?

Right now, I would love to see on the news“Bio-lab” run by Fauci blown up for some unknown reason. Gee. Save the cows, get rid of those biolabs.

Why can’t we get THAT kind of news.

Tonight I was watching a episode of ENOS on Youtube…this guy who goes around the world and sells multi-million dollar homes. He’s really good. And today I watch him sell a Swedish home on a man made Island of Dubai. In that home was a small scale model of what is coming in the future. Whole islands built for countries. They had a German Island, a French Island, and Enos was on the Swedish Island, which will be filled with the very elite rich from those countries. The house looked like a Viking ship. You can be sure there will be no American Island.

At least we will know, when they destroy the world, that all the rich will have homes on these “islands’ in Dubai. I was wondering why the Saudi’s were building these islands…now we know. It will be their safe haven when the world crashes. Why ELSE would they be putting nationalities in seperate islands. The Swedish house also had a room where it made REAL snow, because of course they were going to miss it. The wall paper had landscapes of snowy trees. Good god.

Gates is a madman. They are ALL madmen. I hope the world can stop this horror. Somebody Please. Stop these guys.

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