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A NewTown…A New Nation…An Old Agenda.

Nobody’s Opinion:

Newtown: Once again, in some cosmic joke to those of us that are no fan of the President..Obama gives his most historical speech of his term of office, at a funeral …at Newtown…which in anther universe couldn’t have a more propitious name to represent all that Obama wants to do to our country: Which is as he has said from the beginning—change..the whole country… into a NEW TOWN. Into…

A NEW NATION.Obama crying

Last night at the great get together ‘interfaith vigil” of all religions — a gum chewing President sans Hawaii-bound first lady, made an almost disrespectful entrance, prancing up to his seat like a basketball player about to hop onto court…chewing gum.  One thing your mama told you was not to chew gum at church.  I thought..”Good lord, it’s a funeral man—- take the gum out.” But then again, Nobody Knows what was in that gum. Probably caffeine…he had to get up for the performance.

Whoever put this funeral event on made sure that NOBODY upstaged the President. Not much of anything was said, and those that spoke before him, in languages that most of us didn’t understand, were there mostly to represent the coming together of the religious of the world. Obama’s “I’m going to bring the whole world together and I will heal the world…” theme.

We heard a Jew sing in Hebrew… a young Muslim boy sing while his older Muslim friend did some really strange things with his hands, a Methodist lady was praying the first responders, and some-self appointed priest of a religion called Baha’il (sort of new-age all religions are cool— save humanity,and go green, kubaya..sort of thing)  all dressed up like a Catholic priest and reeking of humbleness, humbly walking off the stage…and NOBODY thought it unfair that the atheists weren’t represented.

Dan Malloy, the democratic Connecticut governor, looked at his teleprompter just to talk about the song Amazing Grace,  and how he will “Think about winter.”  He was biding a few ‘poetic’ political moments until he could say:

“We are blessed today to have with us the President of the United States.”

Blessed wasn’t the word many of us had in mind.Newtown girl

But it was a great speech….it was the usual,  “We all need to love one another and I as President will make sure of it!” in which all answers come from…him.

You have to wonder who writes Obama’s speeches. Obama says he does, but I’ll bet you the flowers on my mother’s grave that they have a few special guys who write all his major speeches because they are way over Obama’s head. Some guy, being paid big bucks, is behind propaganda so smooth, you could say he is a progressive genius. After all..this speechwriter has convinced a whole nation that for the good of everyone..grandma just has to go sooner rather than later…and a few guys in Washington will tell her WHEN she needs to die.

They are SO good that they have convinced everyone that it’s the “natural” order of things. They are so good that they could convince you that we don’t need the moon. They are so good that they have sold us a Marxist Muslim to CHANGE the country.

That’s how good they are. Obama burns

Obama started out his speech…sounding like he does every single day. Reading…he is just reading…and THEN, he calls the names of the people and we hear big sobs.

THEATRICS. The whole world needs to hear those people WAIL in pain…right mister Speechwriter?

After getting warmed up…Obama gets into what he is there to do: Milk the moment.


“We can’t do this by ourselves”

“This job of keeping our children safe is something we can only do together…” (Nobody was shouting..’It takes a village Obama…go on…SAY IT!” )

‘Can we honestly say we are doing enough to keep them safe?”

“The answer is no. We can’t tolerate this anymore and to end them we must change.”

And the most important, and most telling part:

“Is violence the price of our freedom?”

That’s your clue that you should give UP your freedom…to live in harmony with Obama.

Obama said he will do everything in his power…for our children, our families each other. And then…as brilliant as an actor on a stage…he reads the names of the children…slowly. candles

We know their names. Why break the hearts of those people ONE MORE TIME?

America just became a scarier place…and Nobody will be able to resist, when Obama gets rid of the 2nd amendment …the speech…where we will hear the words

“We went from NEW TOWN…to…a NEW NATION.”

And the people will applaud…and go home, and most of them will never realize that what is happening is not anything new—It’s just the same old communist song: wrapped in a Newtown agenda.



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Nobody Pretends With Angels

Here’s the thing: I can’t post my usual “Nobody Gets Email” this weekend. The truth is, like everyone else, I want to cry…and tears won’t come…just a pushing behind my temples, a slow fog hangs over my chest, and like every single person that has ever watched their most darling of little children go into a school before they can barely tie their own shoelaces…..we all remember our children at that age…and today was hard to bear with this latest shooting.

I called my son tonight, even though he is 32, in my mind, he was in kindergarten again. Chasing lizards. Walking into the school bravely trying to hold his own fears. I had the overwhelming need just to tell him how MUCH I love him.

In my mind, I was being allowed to here the sound of my son, his voice, his laugh…the things we always take for granted, and today everyone was hit in the face with “But for the Grace of God” it could happen anytime, to anyone.

He told me his best friend’s daughter was born today.
“Does she LOOK like him? ” I laughed with a tease.

But no, he hadn’t heard of any of this…he had gone to work (they have no TV’s there) and came home and went to sleep. “What happened?” he asked.

He was spared the agony of the day, and for that I was thankful. We talked of the usual: bills, pets, Duck Dynasty…Christmas plans. And just the sound of his voice sent pain through my soul.

He was alive, but somewhere mangled and bloody, and lying on a cold floor, are little children…who died a horrible death, because some twisted, and angry soul took out his rage on their innocent little bodies. And tonight there are parents who have to go identify the body of the most precious thing they’ve ever held dear…and see the carnage where they were NOT there to protect them. And they will blame themselves…and hate God, and want to die, and all the other things that go with despair.

So, I think I’m going to take the weekend off…posting anything at the moment is just…almost to me, idiotic. Politics would just dirty the page.

Tomorrow I think I’ll buy myself a bottle of something, mourn, (I only drink on certain occations, and I never look for them.) —and then go on. Nobody suggests it a good idea, and I’ll be back certainly…Sunday or Monday.

Now, excuse me while I go pretend some angels …






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