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Nobody Wins in “After the Fact.”

Nobody Wins

Today, we witnessed another mass school shooting and there are families in the deepest of grief tonight because their son or daughter’s body is still lying on the hallway floor where they were gunned down.

Seventeen killed. That makes the 18th school shooting this year.

The politicians will try to force the issue on to ‘gun control’ but not much will be mentioned about the boy who was a democrat, and an Isis lover, an Allah Akbar…Muslim/disturbed lonely soul.

Unlike Congress, there are no armed body guards in most of our schools, and after all this time: such a pity.

Not much will be mentioned about the fact that Facebook, Instagram, and the rest, allow free speech when it comes to hatred from the left.  Antifa, BLK, ISIS, and just about anybody who wants to cause harm have full respect from the Masters of Tech, but they draw a line at free speech when it comes to sensible conservative thought.

It’s almost as if they WANT to get to those “troubled” souls out there aroused with hatred and get them all crazed. If getting gun control passed is the goal, what’s a few sacrificial pawns? At least, so it seems.

Maybe Cruz was a real Muslim, or maybe not. Maybe his parents were. Maybe, like the millions of immigrants brought here from Muslim nations, he’s a homegrown terrorist.

And time and again, the question is asked: What can we do about it?

First: Put armed guards and armed teachers in schools. Let the police go in and kill them…not stand outside waiting for orders. It was reported one teacher died trying to save a student. What if SHE had a gun?

I remember Columbine…the police got there and did nothing. Ordered to stand down. For HOURS they waited outside while those boys were killing. Watching it drove me crazy.

Why? (The order came from the top, probably Reno or Clinton)

In Las Vegas, same thing. To say that nobody saw all those guns being taken up to that man’s room…nobody noticed. Really? What a joke. You can bet somebody said something, but the hotel was owned by Muslims.
Lots of people knew about this kid. Yet, with all the NSA/FBI surveillance of everything we type, talk, and do, nothing was done.

What is the FBI most concerned about? Not our safety if you had listened to the committee today. They are most concerned about Russia influencing our elections.

Not long after the Vegas shooting, the Saudi King arrested many rich and powerful Saudi’s. Connected? Some say yes. A big time Hillary donor owned the hotel.

We hear all day long about the Russians. The Russians. The Russians. The dangerous Russians are going to take over our voting! We need those George Soros electronic voting machines. That’s the danger we are being hounded with.

And the sex scandals…of Trump, or his aides. It goes on and on and on, as if we are getting beat over the heads with a dull pillow, into dull acceptance.

And then reality hits: Oh. There’s nuclear N. Korea. There’s drugs. There’s gangs. There’s ISIS…maybe that’s scarier.

The answer is not gun bans…criminals will ALWAYS get guns. Drugs are everywhere, and so are guns. As long as we have open borders, we will have machine guns, and whatever they want to bring along on their walk across the border.

Go ahead, outlaw all the guns.

If someone wants one, they will get it.

The answer is arming the right people to protect the kids. The answer is keep the doors double locked during school hours. The answer lies in common sense.

Where were the guards? In the bathroom? And did THEY have guns? How about mandatory gun classes for all teachers?

Doing drills, like getting under the tables…is like the drills we did as kids for nuclear war.
Some may survive, but it’s better to have real protection.

But, that won’t happen. America is the last country on the planet that hasn’t been disarmed, and that’s the direction they will take us.

And if I hear one more time…a Muslim kid saying “Allah Akabar” and the reporters say, “We didn’t know why he did it.”  Even though they are staring right at the Facebook page while they say it, go figure.

How stupid are you?

You have to wonder…just how long has sanity been missing.

Do they REALLY want to protect us? Or…is there a bigger agenda going on?

The “We didn’t know” will always come…after the fact. Even though…everybody knew, and then after the fact is too late.

What a way to end Valentine’s Day.

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Nobody Pretends With Angels

Here’s the thing: I can’t post my usual “Nobody Gets Email” this weekend. The truth is, like everyone else, I want to cry…and tears won’t come…just a pushing behind my temples, a slow fog hangs over my chest, and like every single person that has ever watched their most darling of little children go into a school before they can barely tie their own shoelaces…..we all remember our children at that age…and today was hard to bear with this latest shooting.

I called my son tonight, even though he is 32, in my mind, he was in kindergarten again. Chasing lizards. Walking into the school bravely trying to hold his own fears. I had the overwhelming need just to tell him how MUCH I love him.

In my mind, I was being allowed to here the sound of my son, his voice, his laugh…the things we always take for granted, and today everyone was hit in the face with “But for the Grace of God” it could happen anytime, to anyone.

He told me his best friend’s daughter was born today.
“Does she LOOK like him? ” I laughed with a tease.

But no, he hadn’t heard of any of this…he had gone to work (they have no TV’s there) and came home and went to sleep. “What happened?” he asked.

He was spared the agony of the day, and for that I was thankful. We talked of the usual: bills, pets, Duck Dynasty…Christmas plans. And just the sound of his voice sent pain through my soul.

He was alive, but somewhere mangled and bloody, and lying on a cold floor, are little children…who died a horrible death, because some twisted, and angry soul took out his rage on their innocent little bodies. And tonight there are parents who have to go identify the body of the most precious thing they’ve ever held dear…and see the carnage where they were NOT there to protect them. And they will blame themselves…and hate God, and want to die, and all the other things that go with despair.

So, I think I’m going to take the weekend off…posting anything at the moment is just…almost to me, idiotic. Politics would just dirty the page.

Tomorrow I think I’ll buy myself a bottle of something, mourn, (I only drink on certain occations, and I never look for them.) —and then go on. Nobody suggests it a good idea, and I’ll be back certainly…Sunday or Monday.

Now, excuse me while I go pretend some angels …






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Nobody Knows: Will Obama Let a “Crisis” Go to Waste?

Nobody Knows

While there is no one in the world that can imagine a man taking the lives of innocent little children, for this horrible event to happen, on this day so near the end of the year, we all all  put in shock and double agony.

Because, as we watched a ‘crying’ President use this opportunity to remark on the event…..we know from past events that he will use this event to further his agenda of gun control.Angel in morning

For BEFORE this event, we had on the plate of events; A secretary of state who was called before Congress to testify in the biggest scandal since Watergate, decide she didn’t have to: a President willing to take the country into a deep depression for the sake of his own Marxist agenda: A President sending troops into another country–Turkey, expanding our involment in another ground war in the Middle East: a President mad about his favorite pick for Secretary of State being trumped by Congress, only to be replaced by other narfarious politicians like John Kerry, or Colin Powell: and a President asking for $60 billion to help out the victims of Sandy, only to pack it with millions of personal projects like fixing the sand dunes by the Kennedy Space Center.

This crisis, on a Friday afternoon, couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for the Prisident.

So: to make the day even sader, not only has the earth been robbed of innocent lives…we have a corrupt admininstration that will use this horrible event for it’s takeover of our right to bear arms…and he will do it “For the Children.”

Watch: For the executive order.

That’s why we saw his tears. (Although, while he kept wiping his eyes, I couldn’t see any.)

Am I cynical? You bet.

And so, we all pray for the parents, and kids who have to live with this nightmare the rest of their lives.

God be there to catch them all.


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