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Chris Wallace: There IS No Voter Fraud.

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Question: Would Chris Wallace even have the job he now holds as lord and master of FOX NEWS if his father had not have been the famous Mike Wallace of Sixty Minutes?

No. Mike Wallace later on in his life admitted to suffering deep depressions. And yet, as I remember, he was one hell of an interviewer. The son, on the other hand, leads a happy life, and follows his boss’s directions. Here lately, he sounds just like all the democrats. He’s not even a journalist anymore but a “got cha” against Trump: And he wants Flynn thrown in jail.

Spineless dweeb.

This morning Chris was on the Brian Kilmeade radio show, with his opinions on Michael Flynn and the fact that he couldn’t understand why the President doesn’t want mail-in voting. Why…according to the great son of Mike Wallace, there WAS hardly any reports of fraud in mail-in voting. In fact, it hardly ever happens. In fact, there really were no reports of it happening.


Either he was incredible stupid, or they are starting to think that the ONLY way they can beat Trump is just to keep this virus going and change the voting laws to mail-in.

Let’s thing about that lie, shall we? For instance…do you actually think, that the democrats, who conspired to commit the BIGGEST crime in American History by using the full force of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and half the Congress to do a coup to destroy TRUMP, and who hate him so much they can barely keep their eyes from popping out of their heads, would NOT cheat on mail-in ballots?

Seriously? They would want a real honest election?

Right. And people in hell want ice water. They would lie, cheap, and commit murder: Wait. Can you say Epstein and COVID-19 nursing homes and NOT think of murder?

I can’t. Sure, the Chinese threw us a bio-weapon, (Come on people, of course it’s a bio-weapon) but the globalists are behind it all too. Hard to believe it, but I do.

Sorry…back to the subject of mail-in ballots:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been on this. He is suing the governor of California for mandating mail in ballots:

In 2018, California settled a federal lawsuit with Judicial Watch and began the process of removing up to 1.6 million inactive names from Los Angeles County’s voter rolls. Judicial Watch late last year sent notices to 11 additional California counties warning them of voting list maintenance issues. Judicial Watch recently sued North Carolina and Pennsylvania to force them to clean up their voter rolls.

He found out that many votes cast for Hillary means that she did NOT win the popular vote. Of course, Chris kept saying the both republicans and democrats in the past have cheated…So…Okay.

And let’s not forget the crooked Judge who refuses to let Flynn go.

OR…the fact that a Google executive said that their employees affected the last elections by manipulating over 16 million votes for Hillary.

It was the democrats not the Russians who were manipulating votes, and the Tech gods pretty much admitted it.

So again: Nobody Reports: Chris Wallace is NOT a journalist but a progressive globalist who is just doing his job.

Maybe if he was as good as his Dad, we might listen, but…for now, we can just laugh.

Sorry Chris. Whatever standing in the American History books you might have had, you just lost it.

What a putz. But go ahead: Send your dad a BALLOT. In fact, send him two.

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Chris Wallace: His Mother’s Son

Nobody’s Opinion

It pays to be the son of a famous man. I think of that every time I watch Chris Wallace, the main commentator on most of FOX news programs. He is the son of Mike Wallace, famous reporter of the famous TV program: 60 minutes.

But, does the son match the talent of Mike Wallace?

I have to say: no.

I remember Mike Wallace. Mike was the KING of 60 minutes. His career went decades on radio, and TV. He was part of America every week.

When Mike Wallace left 60 minutes, that was pretty much the end of that program as a trusted brand.

Mike interviewed some of the most important people all over the world. You knew when Mike was on, that you were going to hear things you would never hear anywhere else.

He was sometime ruthless, but always, always, his own man. Whatever interview he was holding: Whatever story he was after, you could be sure, it was HIS opinion. His story. If his bosses didn’t want him to do something, he fought them until they gave in.

He was…Independent. He was…one of the best of America’s broadcasters.

But his son, is not quite up there. His son is clever enough to hide his very ‘deep’ state leanings in his interviews, but he manages somehow to make anyone who doesn’t share HIS opinions, look like a fool.

For instance: Today on his FOX news show, he ended the show, with what was presented as a very educational but ‘fun’ bit of information.
It was all about how our government, has kept, deep in its military archives, old pictures taken from Hitler’s bunkers; many of them glorifying Hitler. In one huge picture, Hitler was presented as a shining knight in armor. In another, Hitler was speaking to the people. Etc.

Very beautiful pictures.

Mike presented this section as all ‘educational’ until the last little dig that Chris gets in. He lets the audience know that the pictures will NEVER be revealed to the public in America, because ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) are afraid that it will cause a Nazi uprising in America.

Insinuating that the pictures will bring out crazy people.

Meaning, that all those Nazi Trump supporters might start worshiping Hitler. At least that’s how I took it. As IF there were MILLIONS Of Americans sitting out there in FOX NEW’S land clearly on the edge of worshipping Hitler.

After all, how many times have we heard someone on CNN or MSNBC compare President Trump to Hitler?

Too many to count, and Mike KNOWS this. It was his little dig at America.

So, this was a propaganda piece, disguised as an “entertainment/fun/educational” walk with Chris Wallace.

I thought it was a pretty cheap shot.

Maybe his father did this kind of stuff, but if he did, you would have KNOWN his opinion. He would not have hidden it in fluffy entertainment pieces.

Chris daily tries to hide his opinions, which basically are the same as the Bushes and the Clintons, and the deep state. Watch him long enough, and he is so predictable, you get bored.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Chris Wallace. He always starts out an interview as if he is fair, but his questions are almost always leading, and they lead you right into the deep state pit of the elite’s lap and what they want you to think.

Like Obama, no one would dare say Chris is bias simply because, he is his father’s son.

What I can say is: Chris will never be…his dad. Mike Wallace.

What I can guess is: Chris Wallace is very much, his mama’s boy.

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Pushing the “Nobody Wants Either Hillary or Trump” Goebbel Porn

Nobody’s Opinion

Last weekend, there I was swimming with my two friends, having the local pool all to ourselves, and two black male lifeguards, dreadlocks streaming down their backs in the hot sun, listened to me as I tried to convince my one friend, WHY she felt horror that she was being forced to vote for Donald Trump. She said, “I wish he didn’t have such a nasty mouth.”

“Okay. I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a discouraging word out of Obama’s mouth since he’s been president, but just LOOK what he has done.” I said. “What’s going on, is you are just repeating what the media says about Trump, instead of really listening to him.”

“But, he’s not Presidential” She screamed.

“Did you see him with the Mexican President?” I asked. “Was he not Presidential then?”

“Well, yes.” she said. “But he can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall.” she said. “That’s just ridiculous.”

Wondering what the lifeguards were thinking about this conversation, I replied, “Please. Donald has explained HOW he is going to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Just by building the wall, and renegotiating our trade deals, and stopping the flow of illegals coming into our country, at which then they will all get OFF our welfare rolls, which is costing us all billions—- That alone will more than pay for the wall. He isn’t going to go to President Pena and demand a check, silly…he’s explained that.” I said.

But, like most Americans, she is just repeating what the cable news anchors have been saying for a whole year: Donald Trump cannot make Mexico pay for the wall…how many times have you heard that? Donald Trump, thinking that anybody with a brain knows what he is talking about, doesn’t feel he has to go into long explanations about the phrase, “Mexico is going to pay for that wall.”

And even if he did, the media wouldn’t give him the time to do it.

A cocker spaniel has a longer attention span than many people. The media repeats over and over, little catchy soundbites, like little Goebbel puppets on steroids.

And one of those little puppets is Fox’s News’s Chris Wallace. Fair and balanced?Christ Wallace 2

Let’s just say this: He not his dad.

For instance, on the Sunday Fox News Talk Show…Chris Wallace had an official from the NAACP on, and one of the first questions asked was “Do you think Trump is a racist?” This blunt opinionated question, gave the guy the platform to vilify Donald, not only for being a racist, but his proof that Donald was a racist, was really lame: Trump had NEVER been to a black church before now.

He was a fraud.

Can you SEE the hypocrisy in this? Why in the world would Trump have gone to a black church before now? He wasn’t running for President. He was busy running his businesses. No black church in the country would have wanted him in any of their churches….in fact, it might have been dangerous for him to do so.

In other words, the black NAACP CEO was comparing Trump to the Clintons and Obama.

Not fair…in fact, rather insidiously unfair. All of them appeared in black churches whenever they campaigned.

THEY only appear in those churches for votes.

Those of us who have been paying attention, have noticed that Bill and Hillary Clinton ONLY appeared in black churches when they ran for office. Once elected to office, they NEVER went to church.

The same with Obama. Obama has been in more Mosques than churches. He only uses them when some black gets shot by a white man. He only goes to church to push for gun control.

I thought when he sang ‘Amazing Grace’, he was the poster boy for hypocrisy. All about the black vote. To me he was more white than black. In fact, Obama does nothing but play golf with rich white people. Please. Give me a break.

And by the way…ask yourself, why have Bill, Hillary, and Obama ONLY made appearances in black churches? Don’t white people go to church? Do you remember any of them going to white churches for votes?

The hypocrisy is beyond the pale. Donald’s trip to the black church was an invitation by the black pastor at his convention. I don’t remember Hillary having such an amazing black pastor at HER convention.

Do you? (See the repeat of Pastor Mark Burns below.)

So, how do I explain to my friend Trump is not a polished, lying politician? How do I explain to her that the press is mostly run by globalist progressives, who want people like her to just shut up, and live out her life in silence and accept what they tell her? They know she listened to what they say, and that she trusts them to tell her the truth.

How do you educate the millions who watch cable news…but don’t read much, or think much, but really don’t know what to do? They know the U.S. is being destroyed, but, they are told that to even try someone different, is very stupid. They threatened us with WWIII if Donald is elected and globalism, which is so great for THEM, is destroyed?

Now that they globalized the world with Wal-Mart, they threaten us all with higher prices at Wal-Mart if we vote for Donald Trump.

How do you warn them that their very lives and their children’s lives will be much more unbearable than they are now, if Hillary gets into the Oval office?

I tell you what I’m going to do.

I’m buying a shirt that says, “Trump’s life matters.” I’ve decided I have to start somewhere. Realize I am a ‘minority’ where I live.

I’ll let you know what happens.


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