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Mike Lindell…His Most Astute Opinion

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s MY nobody opinion today, that what Mike Lindell has to say recently is much more important than whatever I might say today…especially about the machines.

I’m with him on that 100%

A great patriot’s, and worth the watch.

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Anger…from the REAL People, and the Unforgivable Memories of the Traitors in Congress

Nobody Flashes: Today, after the thought of President Trump being defeated by the evil oligarchs in Congress and abroad, and the sadness so many of us feel upon America’s future…an evil of Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Graham, Romney..and the list is endles…an evil much like the dark lord Darth Fader in Star Wars, I thought of this scene and the line spoken by Obi wan.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.”

In years to come, will we think of President Trump as being our Obiwan? It seems that way. President Trump did all he could to teach and expose the deepness of the evil or our rulers, and how little they care for any of us.

I think the traitors in Congress will have to stick by their mansions now. The torch has been passed….and the people will not forget, no matter what that evil cesspool in Congress thinks. No matter WHAT propaganda they throw at us.

These are just two video’s released…no doubt there will be more.

Two patriotic Trump supporters were killed in the halls of Congress. And yet, the Congress morns THEM, not at all.

No, we won’t forget. Impeach the President in the last 2 weeks of his stay?


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Nobody Flashes

Like most Americans, I am NOT surprised at Pence, or Graham, or all the turncoat traitors we heard today, but sickened the core at the disgusting lies and the blatant coup that happened all through the four years of President Trump’s great four years in office.

But this ending is…despicable. Over 100,000 people were at the Washington mall yesterday, and the COPS let in a few select group..into the building. .and then it was spread all over the internet that it was insurrection against our government.

THIS nobody thinks it was all arranged, and staged, and done INSIDE so that the video’s could be controlled. Outside, everyone has a cellphone.

Where is the video of the poor girl being shot dead? Where?

Never mind that it was the usual CIA communist tricks to get a riot going. Yeah right. Pelosi has control of the D.C. Cops, and the cops let people into the capitol. And Pence was outside giving a few of them fist bumps.

What does that tell you?

They are shouting that Trump should be impeached, dragged out in chains, as if he MURDERED thousands of politicians. It’s beyond 1984. It’s almost satanic.

EVERY RINO has now shown his evil face.

Last night on Coast to Coast A.M., Jerome Corsi said “I quit.” to George. The new fascists’ government had kicked him off all social media for life. And George has been bashing Trump lately so good for Mr. Corsi.

Will they come after every single person who voted for Trump?

He warned us. We just witnessed the biggest fraudulent election in the history of America. And Rush Limbaugh today, is sticking with the ‘Republican” party. He didn’t bash Trump, but by saying that a friend of his said he will never vote again, he said.

“That’s exactly what they want you to do.”

Oh stuff it Rush.

Tell me Rush, if machines can change ANY vote at any time, and even be done in China, what’s the point? If Democrats now control all voting elections for all time, then what makes you think any America can trust the system EVER again?

Rush, was sticking up for the NEXT election, which will be Ted Cruz, I BET ya, and he’s another great talker that will do…nothing. Just like Bush. Both he and his wife are WALL STREET.

Most Americans are going…”Where do we go to now?”

Your vote, your voice, and your lives DO NOT MATTER.

People are so scared of this virus they will be controlled…forever. Without an internet search engine like Google to be able to reach others, we will be doomed to obedience.

Yes, where do we go? I tell you one thing, we should NOT stop talking.

Trump has…given up. Remember, even George Washington wanted out of the job, and he didn’t have to put up with what President Trump did.

Will Trump continue to fight for the American people OUT of office?

I guess we’ll find out, soon enough.

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Always Release the Bad News on Friday Night…So People Won’t Be Paying Attention: Cowards

Nobody Reports

Is anybody surprised here? All three of the justices that President Trump fought for and got put on the Supreme Court, joined Justice Roberts to say they really couldn’t waste their time hearing about election fraud, after all, it’s only 17 states that joined Texas and filed the suit.

It’s only America’s election laws, not their problem. If America becomes Venezuela, who cares? They have tenure for life!

This Nobody Wants to know why THEY get to decide if they take the case or not. That’s a pretty lame law. Truly, what good are they?

The story now is: Okay. The election was stolen. But, you KNEW it would be stolen and you did nothing….so, we’ll give you…five minutes, and then you lose, and you’ll just have to fix it for next time. Not our fault.

Imagine if Bernie Maddox’s judge had this attitude: If you knew he was going to steal from you, and lie and take your money, it’s your OWN fault that you didn’t stop him. Too late now moron!

Ah…but Bernie’s victims got most of their money back, because…THEY”RE RICH! American people, are just not that important.

Yes, I know. Depressing. But listen to Tracy Beanz here. She’s right. They WANT to make you feel hopeless. She thinks like a warrior…you lose a fight, you keep going.

They might think America is going to go quietly, but…something tells me it won’t be as easy as they think.

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