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Always Release the Bad News on Friday Night…So People Won’t Be Paying Attention: Cowards

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Is anybody surprised here? All three of the justices that President Trump fought for and got put on the Supreme Court, joined Justice Roberts to say they really couldn’t waste their time hearing about election fraud, after all, it’s only 17 states that joined Texas and filed the suit.

It’s only America’s election laws, not their problem. If America becomes Venezuela, who cares? They have tenure for life!

This Nobody Wants to know why THEY get to decide if they take the case or not. That’s a pretty lame law. Truly, what good are they?

The story now is: Okay. The election was stolen. But, you KNEW it would be stolen and you did nothing….so, we’ll give you…five minutes, and then you lose, and you’ll just have to fix it for next time. Not our fault.

Imagine if Bernie Maddox’s judge had this attitude: If you knew he was going to steal from you, and lie and take your money, it’s your OWN fault that you didn’t stop him. Too late now moron!

Ah…but Bernie’s victims got most of their money back, because…THEY”RE RICH! American people, are just not that important.

Yes, I know. Depressing. But listen to Tracy Beanz here. She’s right. They WANT to make you feel hopeless. She thinks like a warrior…you lose a fight, you keep going.

They might think America is going to go quietly, but…something tells me it won’t be as easy as they think.

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