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It was 70 degrees here in St. Louis this afternoon…perfect day for raking up the rest of the leaves. So there I was listening to the radio, raking away, when I heard a voice come on the radio…

” We need to get back to Obama’s White House again!” the voice said.

What? What kind of commercial is that? Of course, I heard the same commercial throughout the day.  Some lady was saying that “we all need to get back to Obama’s White House again…to harmony and sanity and”…what the heck are they selling? Obama needs to be President again?

Uh…no. Not. No way. Absolutely not. He is NOT allowed a third term. Sorry. Yes, Yes, I know. But…here’s the thing: No.

But that’s seemed to be exactly what is happening. Obama is trying to get back INTO the White House.

Obama just ran his senile and corrupt VP for President, and Biden has just anointed all the old bunch from Obama’s old cabinet: Susan Rice as House Domestic Policy Council. Yes, that Susan who lied to the country about the Benghazi fake tape. Right back in total control of the country.

Biden has also picked, Tom Valsak for Agriculture Secretary. Hillary had him on a short list to become her VP. He supported the U.S. public service academy to match the military academies. There’s Obama’s home-grown brown shirts. He ran Hillary’s campaign. He’s all for getting rid of our oil, and going full green tilt. You can imagine what HE will do to the farmers. He’s all for putting pink slime in our schools for the kids. It’s really just fat from the meat. He served under Obama as Agriculture Secretary, which is why the kids lunches left them all starving in our schools.

Hey, I heard it from the black mothers themselves. Their kids were starving in school when Obama was President.

Maria Fudge for Housing and Urban Development: She was a mayor and a member of the Black Caucus. Clearly, she will keep the racist flowing welfare going. I’m not sure why she is qualified, but she’s black.  

Katherine Tai for U.S. Trade Representative…she would get rid of Trump’s Tariffs. She’s Would put China back in the driver’s seat. She would be the FIRST female Chinese in that office. Right. Put a Chinese woman in the top Trade position. What could go wrong?

Anthony Blinken up for Secretary of State…. Obama’s old deputy National Security Adviser. This man is the deepest of deep staters. He will put the E.U. back on getting their billions from us. He was all into the Iraq war, and praising Obama on killing bin Ladin. The guy is a massive globalist elite. You don’t get any deeper deep- stater than this guy.  

Denis McDonough was Obama’s chief of staff: Joe wants him to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. He was there in all Obama’s decision on foreign affairs. God help our vets.

And let’s not forget Susan Rice. She and Valerie Jarrett were Obama’s Constance companions, they RAN everything pretty much.

Biden is also naming Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense. What could go wrong? He was the commander of all the troops in the Middle East under Obama. The guy who thought ISIS was no threat at all, and they multiplied while he did what? Collected his big pay?

While we’re getting the old gang back, why not bring back Obama, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett? Why not?

And speaking of running everything: According to Rush Limbaugh it’s been Obama who has been running the democratic party, the coup against Trump, the media, the vicious and relentless attacks, the BLM racist burned down and beat up Antifa summers, and the rigged elections results.

The plan is to get Joe in, Joe resigns, Kamala becomes President, and…what? Will Obama be VP? Will Kamala just do what Obama says?

And then Kamala will step down? How will Obama pull this off? I’m sure he’s dying to get back into Air Force One.

And here I thought it was Hillary doing all the dirty work. Or, are they working together?

Nevertheless, just the fact that ALL of Obama’s past cabinet will be BACK in power if President Trump and the American people don’t stop them, is a nightmare, and PROOF of treason, and Obama’s plan for his third term.

They really WILL go after all Trump supporters. You bet they will.

Could it be any more obvious that the coup d’ etat is still in full force?

What did Obama say?

They (meaning he) would have to send in the Navy Seals to take Trump out of the White House.

Let’s hope the Seals tell Obama: Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

Or better yet, arrest him for treason.

In the old days, Obama would have been SHOT for treason. Of course, that won’t happen, so, let him go hang out in Canada with his buddy Trudeau and go ahead and train his Chinese military, and DREAM of invading us.

Okay, I promised to shut up now, before I have the FBI knocking at my door.

Nobody Cares if I dream of Obama getting out of our lives. It’s my right, as an American citizen to want President Trump for another four years, who truly was re-elected to, to stop this illegal takeover…

President Trump is right: These ARE sick people. And having said that, I think we all need a Friday night break from this nightmare scenario…Obama’s third term…

I know I do…how about this:

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