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Anger…from the REAL People, and the Unforgivable Memories of the Traitors in Congress

Nobody Flashes: Today, after the thought of President Trump being defeated by the evil oligarchs in Congress and abroad, and the sadness so many of us feel upon America’s future…an evil of Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Graham, Romney..and the list is endles…an evil much like the dark lord Darth Fader in Star Wars, I thought of this scene and the line spoken by Obi wan.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.”

In years to come, will we think of President Trump as being our Obiwan? It seems that way. President Trump did all he could to teach and expose the deepness of the evil or our rulers, and how little they care for any of us.

I think the traitors in Congress will have to stick by their mansions now. The torch has been passed….and the people will not forget, no matter what that evil cesspool in Congress thinks. No matter WHAT propaganda they throw at us.

These are just two video’s released…no doubt there will be more.

Two patriotic Trump supporters were killed in the halls of Congress. And yet, the Congress morns THEM, not at all.

No, we won’t forget. Impeach the President in the last 2 weeks of his stay?


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