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A friend sent me this video of one of my favorite songs tonight. (Eagles) As I’ve told before, half of my life was spent making my living as a drummer.

Yes, hard to believe. Musicians can no longer do that…make a living. Once upon a time, it was possible. Local bars, nightclubs, restaurants, all hired local musicians to entertain. The deep state do NOT want people to communicate OR enjoy music ever again, unless it’s their pick, or they LET you. Even the famous musicians are being kept from doing concerts. OMG…unforgivable.

Those days of huge concerts are gone. And Fauci and Gates want them to STAY forever gone. So enjoy this while you can.

And also, you all KNOW I love birds. Don’t ask me why. I think it goes back to my childhood when my first pet was a baby duck. My dad built a pen outside for it, and some thing broke into the pen and ate it. Probably a cougar, because we lived near the swamps in Florida. I was devastated, and have loved birds…any kind of birds, ever since. These people did a GREAT job taking care of this little adorable creature, and look how it paid off.

Just thought, we needed a break to remember what we absolutely, positively, without ANY hesitation need to preserve: Our American way of life.

Boys of summer…might be replaced with women of soccer forever, if we don’t fight back.

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