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Nobody’s Fool: President Trump—Laura Ingraham

Nobody’s Fool:

I liked two statements this week, from two of my favorite minds: President Trump and Laura Ingraham

Both speak the truth: Both of them upset a lot of people by doing so.

Flynn, a good man…his life was ruined. Trump is right. While we have to put up STILL with Hillary pontificating all over our TV.

SHE should be in jail, and the fact that Jeff Sessions recused himself from shutting this madness down, makes you wonder whose side HE is on.

And here….on Watters World…. Laura’s opening comments are just right on the money. She nailed it. The liberal plan is to just get rid of the white people who vote for America. Flood the country with illegals and foreigners and you can destroy the Constitution and set up your socialist tyranny forever.

I thought they both hit a home run. I couldn’t decide, so, why not post both?

So I did, because I can.

Double your pleasure, and enjoy!

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Laura Ingraham—Hits a Home Run for the Home Team

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s not often you see the almost perfect George Will get smashed in an argument, but since House Speaker John Boehner said they are not even going to take up immigration reform just last week, everyone wants to talk about it. And Laura Ingraham did a great job standing up to George:

Yes, what ABOUT the American worker? Doesn’t he get a say?  Isn’t this OUR country? Since when do we not have a say in who gets to come in?

Evidently— we don’t.

I’ve been talking about the problem of immigration for years, and it’s gotten to the point where it was becoming obvious to me, and most Americans, that the invasion from south of the Border will just keep on coming.  Our leaders have made it obvious, they don’t care one iota about the invasion.  After all, we were told by Bill Clinton to accept the fact that by 2050, America will be half Hispanic. And that’s a good thing to democrats who will get their votes.mexico stats

When George W. worked out a deal (without Congress may I add) and merged Mexico, and the United States, things got much worse. All our recent former Presidents: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and now Obama…have the same goal as George Will. They want the cheap labor for their corporate sponcers, .and more importantly…the new consumers. It’s already been decided.

But…how to get the Americans, to pay for it and to accept, the mass invasion has been a problem for them all. To them, it’s the one-world global corporate elite club that matters. Davos, Bilderberg, Council of Foreign relations…and it’s been decided.

You…lowly American worker, son and daughter of parents who sacrificed their lives for’re just not seeing the big picture.Bush and Fox

George Will makes three points to his argument of why we need MORE immigrants:

One: We need them to work so that the millions of baby boomers can still get social security.

Let’s talk about that one. The Hart-Celler Act of 1965, signed by President Lyndon Johnson, brought in immigrants from third world countries: Before that, mostly Europeans came, (with skills) and for the first time, it included chain migration–which means the lowly poor, could bring in their poor cousin, and then the Indian that Google wants to hire got pushed aside. Most of the people that come to America today have no skills whatsoever. At least 40 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. And they come across our borders to give birth. The highest birthrate IN America belongs to the Hispanic women.

What about the welfare of 40 million immigrants added onto on baby boomer social security? The elites don’t care that it’s not fair..that you paid into social security and they did not…it’s all about the numbers: they are young and many…you are old and expendable.

If the welfare of Social Security is so bad, WHY make it even worse by bringing in millions more immigrants to put on the system? Not only that, illegal’s will get Obamacare, and we can’t even survive with the cost of Obamacare now for our own citizens. mexican homeland

George…have you forgot the Alamo?

Two: Human capital: What the heck does this mean George? China has more people therefore, we should catch up?

Three: People who take risks are the kind of people we want in our country

Okay George: Let’s talk about some of the ‘risk’ takers…like those in North Carolina.

Alamance County, N.C.,  is a real hub for illegal’s, and the town’s sheriff has enough trouble trying to keep the drug cartels in line, now he has to deal with Eric Holder. The federal government is prosecuting Sheriff John Thompson of Alamance Country. It seems, his town has been overtaken by “risk” takers. In fact, no matter how hard the sheriff tries, the drug lords have taken over his county, JUST like they do in Mexico, and he just can’t fight them.. Census statistics  show that the number of Hispanic residents statewide grew by 943% between 1990 and 2010.

What’s the problem? The Sheriff gives them traffic tickets when they commit a traffic violation. Eric Holder thinks he is ‘racially profiling.”

The sheriff said he is unapologetic for enforcing immigration laws and for using the so-called Section 287(g) program. That initiative by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency trains local authorities to quickly identify inmates in county jails who are in the country illegally and to handle the paperwork needed to begin deportation proceedings. “This is absurd and goes against the very moral fiber our country was founded upon,” he said of illegal immigration.

An Alamance County librarian was recently arrested and later pleaded guilty to misuse of a Social Security number.Sheriff

Orwell: Black is white, good is bad…illegals deserve more than the citizen.

And how about that last comment George? We will become an economic dynasty because of “economic growth” that will come with all the new immigrants.

And my name is Ailsa Keys, and Paul McCartney is going to divorce his new wife and marry me. (Sorry, I watch the Beatles 50th anniversary…wasn’t it fun?)

How’s that immigration working for us so far George?

Our jails and prisons are overflowing…our wages have gone down due to the fact that they will work for a lower wage, they are putting even more strain on our welfare services, and our schools are overloaded with kids who want special tutors. The MS-13, a violent immigrant group now has presence in more than 31 cities. They have brought back tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease, diseases once eliminated from our country… and they have shut down over 75 hospitals in California alone. And THEY believe that one third of America is rightfully theirs.

If that what George Will calls ‘growth’ I’d have to agree with him: growth of a Spanish third world country taking over its ‘host’.Mexico law

A man who studied the problem had this to say:

Don’t blame politicians, the decline of manufacturing, education or cheap foreign imports for the economic stagnation that has already begun and will continue for many years. Blame your parents and grandparents for losing interest in having children back in the Sixties.

And in the words of doublespeak: the politicians are always right, the people are always wrong. Who promoted all those abortions…mmmmmm?

The feminists.

Besides…where are all these jobs that George Will says will fuel the great economic recovery? Are they here? Or are they in China?


Anyway, I was so proud of Laura today….she was fearless.


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