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Does Anybody Believe the First Reports Anymore?

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s Christmas day, 2020,and everybody was just relaxing, enjoying their morning, when very quietly it was reported, and by only a few, that a truck bomb went off downtown Nashville. As the day went by, I was checking ALL the news outlets for any mention at all. ZERO. Strange no? After all, it took out five city blocks and at first, a few reported deaths. Well, that disappeared. It wasn’t until late that afternoon, that an FBI agent came out and gave some ridiculous speech about how the FBI was ON THE CASE, and the great men and women from the FBI would find out who did this dirty deed….yada, yada. They said nothing, reported nothing, just glorified the FBI institution.

Sorry. A bit late fellows. You’ve had Hunter’s laptop for what…over a year? And you lead the first coup against a sitting American President by LYING. And when your criminal top guy Comey is fired, you replace him with a replicate stooge?

Whose going to believe the FBI ever again?

Not me. Pity the poor men and women working for these corrupt clowns.

So, while this was going on, I was searching through the internet, and bit by bit, information was coming out. There was a broadcast telling people to get out, for over 15 minutes. Uh…really? They want you to think it was coming from this van…what a nice guy! He tells everybody to clear the area. Later, they said the cops did it.

He kills himself (supposedly) they found his DNA and and gives his house to some pretty girl in California who doesn’t even know him?

Okay. But here’s what the FBI, ALL the news media did NOT mention and still don’t mention.

That blast destroyed the AT&T building that was going to do an audit of the Dominion machines.

Okay, now is THIS disinformation? Sounds important enough to mention, don’t you think? Nobody anywhere is reporting it as far as I know.

Today I received THIS info from a patriot: Some even say it was a missle launched from a boat.


Bomb Decimates NSA Spy Hub In Nashville As Americans Told To “Prepare For War

“…In an assessment of this explosion made by the SVR based on the revelations made by former CIA-NSA computer expert Edward Snowden, who, in 2013, revealed the NSA hidden spy hubs located in American cities—revelations that, in 2015, were analyzed by the New York Times in their article “AT&T Helped U.S. Spy On Internet On A Vast Scale”, that stated: “The National Security Agency’s ability to spy on vast quantities of Internet traffic passing through the United States has relied on its extraordinary, decades-long partnership with a single company: the telecom giant AT&T”—a secret relationship between the NSA and AT&T to begin a massive spying operation against the American people in 1985, known as Fairview Surveillance Program—and one of whose most vital NSA spying hubs is located in the AT&T building in Nashville at the epicenter of this explosion, specifically its massive underground conduits underlying the streets of downtown Nashville—which is why immediately following this explosion AT&T reported a widespread outage—an outage to include northern Alabama, where is located one of the most critical military bases in America known as Redstone Arsenal, whose strategic importance President Trump has elevated since he began moving his loyal FBI forces there by the thousands—all of which is why those experts knowing what war looks like have begun sounding warnings like: “PREPARE FOR WAR: After January 6th, expect all hell to break loose across America”….

The former owner of the building is reportedly Cerebus Capital, which is tied to Yagoobzadeh, which acquired some ownership of Dominion Voting Systems.

Various internet analysts say the blast appears to have been intended to halt a Dominion voting machines audit that was about to take place in the building as well, although that has not yet been confirmed.

No matter what the motive, you can rest assured the media will find some White conservative gun owner to blame for everything, as that’s always their propaganda narrative.

The following screen shots from the video (below) show the incoming missile trail, meaning this was a military operation, and the missile was fired from an aircraft:

 Finally, as I explain in this Situation Update, it seems the explosion may have been engineered to maximize the local EMP effect in order to take out sensitive electronics housed in the AT&T / NSA center….


Tonight I watched FOX News simply because I was cleaning out the fridge and it’s the only news station I can get in the kitchen. They said they found the guy, but have NO idea what his motive was. He’s dead of course.

Which made me think of that gunman in Las Vegas who killed all those people at the country music rock concert.

They never DID find out his motive either, did they?

Tell me again why we are paying this vast institution called the FBI?

I realized now, you have to pick and choose what to believe….the citizens of the world have been lied to so often you’d have to be a downright fool to believe anything they said.

Was it a missle? Was it the deep state military attack, covering up evidence that Trump really won?

Or was it a lone idiot who just wanted to make a statement on Christmas.

Whatever it is, you can bet you new favorite Christmas present that the story they put out will be BS.

If pictures don’t lie, then the story of the Van is just a coverup. Like always…they are still afraid of Trump.

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There IS No Cure For Moronic Progressives, Or Dr. Fauci’s Virus

Nobody Reports

I watched the Senate hearing today…god help me. Sure, it had the usual commie mantra’s from Bernie and Warren, and a lot of bashing Trump, but the worst of it was Dr. Fauci. Dr. Death. He thinks that kids should NOT go to school this year, and not only that, If and WHEN a vaccine is found, it probably will kill many people.

Some people just get worse after the vaccine. Shit happens.

The highlight of the day was when Rand Paul, a doctor, insisted that once you got Covert19 (I changed the name on purpose) tests showed that you probably would not ever get it again, and he didn’t like the fear that was being spread that you COULD get it again. When he challenged Dr. Fauci on if he alone should decide the country’s fate, Dr. Fauci went into his “Oh, I’m just a humble scientist.”

Scary. Beware of people who claim to be ‘humble.’ They will slash your throat while stealing your wife, your home, and your children, all the while claiming to the judge his innocence. Fauci went to the ‘kids COULD have it” defense. Very political. Very Pelosi-esk.


I turned to CNN where Pelosi was going on her usual rant about “Save the children!” except it’s morphed now to “SAVE OUR POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS!”

Gee. All of sudden they’re not racist pigs anymore. Well, we know Nancy’s game: She wants MONEY! LOTS OF MONEY!

CNN was promoting the “until we ‘control’ this virus”  we MUST lock down, yada,yada…. Control a virus?

Have we controlled the common cold? Heart disease? Malaria? Tuberculous? Diabetes?

Moronic progressives?

No, there IS no control of this virus, and they promise, even if THIS one goes away well, hang on there, free citizen, there WILL BE MORE!


Now, it’s clear: This Covid19, or Covert666 as I like to call it, will be the excuse they give the world to transform into their dream utopia.

And Rand Paul was right. The regular flu kills more each year than this virus.

But, no matter: Here’s all the diseases (and that includes your dental work) that will be put on the back burner while they try to ‘control’ the virus…


Pneumonia: Globally, pneumonia (an infection of the lungs) kills more children younger than 5 years old each year than any other infectious disease, such as HIV infection, malaria, or tuberculosis.

In the United States, more than 250,000 people have to seek care in a hospital due to pneumonia each year. Unfortunately, about 50,000 people die from the disease each year in the United States. Most of the people affected by pneumonia in the United States are adults.

CANCER: In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease.

  • Heart Disease: About 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.2,3
  • Heart disease costs the United States about $219 billion each year from 2014 to 2015.3 This includes the cost of health care services, medicines, and lost productivity due to death.

FLU: CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

And I think I read that over 1.6 million will die of Tuberculous due to this shutdown.

I don’t’ know what to say about this…but what I will say is Dr. Fauci works for Bill Gates, and both funded that little lab in Wuhan. BOTH will become the richest men in the world if their vaccine is mandated.

Covert 19? Or Covert 1984?

You pick. I already have.

Watch Rand Paul common sense here, and Fauci’s very ‘humble’ answer.


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Monica Crowley: Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump

Nobody Flashes

Monica Crowley gave this speech last January, and she could have made it THIS January.

It’s inspirational, truthful, and directly to the point of the heart of every true American.

Right now, with the democrats in the House, the full force of the ‘elites’ are trying to change the electoral vote.

We must fight more than ever to preserve our rights, and our freedoms. THIS year, we must all come out in force and help our President.

If you love President Trump as I do, don’t miss this wonderful speech.


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