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Nobody Flashes Gladys for My OWN Pleasure

Nobody Flashes

I thought I might have been the only person in America who didn’t watch the Super bowl. but according to the news, fake and not, it didn’t have a great rating.

I did glance at the last half, which is why I missed this.

Therefore, just to honor a great entertainer who gave this great rendition with such CLASS and grace, I thought I’d give myself a treat.

Gladys Knight is such a great singer.. To stay smiling while you are singing is VERY, VERY hard to do, but she pulls it off. It must have taken years of practice.

Gladys is old school. This nobody thinks she never got enough credit for all her hard work.

Anyway…enjoy it again!

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Nobody Remembers, But Boston Reminds Us

Nobody Remembers…

Boston reminded us, at a hockey game of all places, that in our hearts we are STILL….

“The Land of the Free…and the Home of the Brave…”

I plan to watch this whenever I lose hope. It brings tears to my eyes.

God Bless —-the people of America. We will not go down without a fight.



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