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Yesterday was the first Veterans Day that I didn’t post anything. First: I was dead tired from the night before, and had a lot of work to do. Second: I was still angry at George Noory. Who is Goorge Noory you might ask?

George Noory is the late-night radio host of Coast to Coast a.m. I’ve been listening to him for at least a decade or more. I basically fall asleep to his radio show at night, the cheap transistor next to my pillow. It was George who first had on a little-known guy named Alex Jones. Jones would fill in the audience about the ‘globalist’, something no one was talking about. Now, he is one of the most hated men on the planet. The left is always mocking him, but most of the time, he has been right.

It was also on George’s program that I heard Jerome Corsi, the man who PROVED that Obama’s birth certificate was not real. Both Jerome and Alex went on to be quite successful.

George has always had a nice variety on his show: from scientists to big foot watchers. It’s always fun, and I always wondered how George remained so…fair and balanced. A guest could claim that he was a real vampire and George would…NEVER laugh.

But the last three nights…just unnerved me. George just had to bash, our President. Why? Well, he shouldn’t tweet. He’s always thought the President was …”A bully.”

I got to thinking about this. Here is a man who served in the Navy for eight years. Claims to be a patriot, and most of all wants to ‘be kind.”

The more I thought about this the madder I got. Trump a “Bully?”

How could I forgive him for that? I might expect it from my neighbor. She didn’t vote for Trump because “She doesn’t like his tweets.”

My neighbor Sue just gets three channels on her TV, and she probably hasn’t read a book since high school. She does read the Post-Dispatch, which is a sister to the New York Times. But George should KNOW better. He used to be a director of a local news station here in St. Louis. He wrote a book about the “globalists” and how they want to take over the world.

And yet, Trump is a ‘bully.’

I thought all day about ALL the men who died to give their lives for this country. And while millions of idiots believe all the crap, they are hearing on all the media, to hear this from a former veteran, was just too much.

Okay. I was having a hard time wondering why someone like George Noory would say such a thing. Trump is a warrior.

Trump is taking political bullets being aimed at his head, and destruction every single minute of the day, and CONTINUES to fight.

Like our founders who gave their lives and fortunes for freedom, Trump fights every single day, just as heroic as any soldier on the battlefield, the war for American, for our rights, for our Constitution, for America.

And George? I can think of only one reason why he has to push this absurd hatred out every night.

Money. George’s show is heard all over the world. He might lose listeners like me here in the states, but the world awaits!

So…losing America, the country who gave him the great chance he had, is no big deal.

Mr. Noory looks out for Number One: Himself.

Human. But next to Trump, he is nothing more than a lowly lost sailor in China town. Sorry, I’m finding it hard to forgive him.

The good news is: From now on, I will FINALLY get some sleep.

Thanks George. You reminded me that there are still great men. You are simply a radio talk show host, and not to be trusted.

And I say this, remembering all the men who died for you to be able to call Trump…”A Bully.”

Whose the REAL bully? Some people NEVER know.

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Eisenhower, and Trump: Warnings From True Patriots.

Nobody’s Opinion

On this Veterans Day…many boys are coming home. Thank God I say. It’s not just the lives lost, it’s the purposeless wars where American once again spend the last of it’s precious lives on what exactly? When our President told us why he was bringing them home, it was said with the feeling of every American heart. The costs were getting just too much to bear.

WAR. Nobody wants it, and yet, it’s endless.

I remember seeing the embassy that President George W. Bush built in Iraq, and I remember thinking just WHO did he built that monster of a complex for? For our soldiers? Or for the Saudi’s? It was beyond insanely big and insanely expensive.

Trump said, “We are getting out.” The screams heard all over Washington were almost too much to bear. After all, it’s not THEIR kids losing their lives.

No…as the old saying goes…follow the money. And the money is great in war.

Like our President said: We should have never been in Iraq. The Bush family wanted to go into that area, and never had any plans of getting out.

My generation, all had parents who served in WWII. They didn’t talk about it, but we all knew, it was so horrible they didn’t want to EVER talk about it, so we didn’t.

I grew up with friends that were killed in Vietnam. It was NOT a popular war. And the war in the Middle East, despite the brave men and women who sign up to serve, seems just as pointless.

So on this Veterans Day, I’m wondering about all the people walking around the grave and putting flags on the all the lives sacrificed for our country, it does make you wonder. What price have we paid? All those lives lost only to have a complete party of politicians wanting socialism?

And now, in 2019, the curtain of the Industrial Military Complex has been exposed. Except, now, it’s called the “deep state” and extends beyond the Pentagon. It’s tentacles have grown beyond the Pentagon to the FBI, the CIA, and the State Department. Departments that have a will of their own.

President Trump recently mentioned in a speech the warning that Eisenhower gave about the danger of a powerful military complex rising up and taking over our democracy. He said this in defense of all the politicians going crazy over our abandonment of the Kurds.

Never mind that most of us only know what we are told on our TV’s about them.

Rush Limbaugh recently explained the reason for all the impeachment proceeding. He explained that it goes way beyond the democrats losing the election…but to the very entrenched unelected bureaucrats that stay throughout every presidency. The ‘establishment’ that has ruled behind the scenes for so many years, are being now lead by a man who wants it all to change, the money to stop flowing to corporations in bed with politicians, and so, the screaming is loud. The FBI, the State Department, and the CIA…all now refusing to cooperate with this President.

When General Mattis ‘quit’ or was fired, depending on how you look at it, over the orders from President Trump to withdraw our troops from war in Syria, he did it, but publicly denounced the decision: it’s not one he approved of he said. We all thought the good general would not do such a thing publicly, but he did. John Kelly, another military man, shocking us all by ‘disagreeing’ with the president.

The constitution clearly notes that the President is the Commander-in-Chef. To be obeyed. It’s just the law. But so many generals and ambassadors really don’t feel they have to obey.

So when did this military complex become so strong, so unmanageable that now, Presidents have no control?

It seems to have grown out of WWII.

I’ve been reading in Margaret Truman’s biography of her father President Harry Truman, and she pointed out how angry Truman was when the very famous General McAurther just started doing things on his own. After the communists stormed into South Korea, Truman, had to decided weather to send troops over…not a popular move considering the country would have to go back to rationing. Another war would be a terrible move for all politicians.

But Truman was a big U.N. supporter, and the British and Indian governments wanted to give China a seat at the table, concessions in Trade, and Formosa if they would withdraw. Truman didn’t want China at the table.

“Dad had to keep the more headstrong members of the armed forces under control. Early in July he learned that the air force was planning high level photo reconnaissance mission over Russia to see if Stalin was going to move into Korea.”

Truman didn’t want to make it LOOK like we were at war, he was afraid of starting WWIII with Russia. But General McAurther wanted the troops over there to stop China.

So, Truman just said it was a U.N. action. Not a U.S. declaration of war.

Nice huh? Neither President OR Congress has to declare war anymore because they can just sent troops waywhere under the U.N., keeping their fingerprints off war for reelection purposes.

Truman and Douglass were always butting heads. Truman made him the United Nations commander. As soon as he did that, there was trouble. Douglass wanted Formosa.

And the General wrote a letter to be sent to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, He outright challenged President Truman on his stance on Formosa.  “Those who speak thus do not understand the Orient.” Truman told Douglass to withdraw his statement. And then to his surprise the Secretary of Defense sided with the General over the President.

They told the President “It was only one man’s opinion.”

This episode was so close to the last straw in my father’s efforts to be patient with Louis Johns The secretary of Defense had become an obstructionist force in the government. He had used the outbreak of the Korean War to sharpen and widen his feud with Secretary

of State Acheson. He went around Washington making sneering remarks about disloyalty in the State Department and intimating that the Department of Defense was the only reliable force for a constructive foreign policy in the goverment. 

So, what happens is that men get in positions of power, want the life time gig, and refuse to obey orders. And this is happening right now to President Trump. It seems EVERYONE is disobeying his orders. The deep state now, is so big and powerful it works everyday just to get rid of a duly elected President who wants to take control. 

If President Trump forces or just exercises his own powers granted to him by the Constitution, they call him a dictator.

Anyway, just some thoughts on this Memorial Day.  I’m remembering my own dad who lost his brother at Midway. And many of the young boys I knew who came back from Vietnam and got blasted by their own people.

War is hell. And those who volunteer to go to hell for a noble cause are to be put above all others.

We say a prayer of thanks to them all today. Frankly, I’m tired of ‘celebrating’ woman’s day and black history and climate change guru’s…when the most important thing we have are the lives of our soldiers.

By the way, my own father, who served in the Pacific as a Seabee, said that ALL the men hated General McAurther. To them, he was a pompous ass, who would come strolling in for the photo op after the battle.

But both my parents loved IKE. General Eisenhower saved the world, along with our boys and the brave men who fought beside them from other nations.

And Ike was trying to tell us, way back then, the trouble that was coming our way.

He’s right. It’s going to be up to us.

Thank God was have a President who is bringing our boys home.

A REAL Commander in Chief. Shame on the Generals who now come out against him.

Like General McAurther…the history books might praise their deeds, but the people… will remember them as…

Well, just not true patriots.

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God Bless All Vets

Nobody Remembers

I never thought I would see the day, when a President of France would insult a President of the United States, on the 100th anniversary of the United States FREEING France from the Nazi’s.

If you haven’t heard about it, I won’t repeat what he said.

He must have had Obama up his skirts.

I just read that President didn’t go to the ceremony at the gravesite in France.

I’m sure, whatever reason there was, it was for the sake of our country.

God bless all the men and women who have gone overseas to give other countries freedom, and for the soldiers and their families who continue to sacrifice their lives.

And God Bless our commander-in-chief who is on the battle field every day, trying to keep America safe.

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Remember Our Veterans Today

Nobody Flashes

I met a lot of veterans this week….it seems a lot of them sell patio doors.

Who knew?

Today a retired Air Force man who was trying to sell us HIS patio doors, told us that he was retired, but he used to be a nuclear advisor under some general. Of course, I forgot exactly what his rank was, or the generals, but I thought it was funny that he said that it was his job to have all the stats, and he would go to the meetings with the generals and hand them the stats during the meetings. The generals most of the time never knew the stats, but they had lots of secretaries, and drivers, and it seems are pretty pampered.

Anyway, God bless all our veterans and solders and keep them safe.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t seen Hacksaw Ridge, it would make a great movie for Veterans Day.

Oh, and ANOTHER by the way: If they give that dirty traitor Bowe Bergdahl his back $300,000 pay, (Tax free) and President Trump as Commander-in-Chief, does NOT stop that insanity…then, he might lose a lot of support from not only the country, but the veterans.

He IS, after all, first and foremost, Commander-in-Chief.

This is one time, he must not remain…silent.


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Remember All Who Served….



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