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Remember Our Veterans Today

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I met a lot of veterans this week….it seems a lot of them sell patio doors.

Who knew?

Today a retired Air Force man who was trying to sell us HIS patio doors, told us that he was retired, but he used to be a nuclear advisor under some general. Of course, I forgot exactly what his rank was, or the generals, but I thought it was funny that he said that it was his job to have all the stats, and he would go to the meetings with the generals and hand them the stats during the meetings. The generals most of the time never knew the stats, but they had lots of secretaries, and drivers, and it seems are pretty pampered.

Anyway, God bless all our veterans and solders and keep them safe.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t seen Hacksaw Ridge, it would make a great movie for Veterans Day.

Oh, and ANOTHER by the way: If they give that dirty traitor Bowe Bergdahl his back $300,000 pay, (Tax free) and President Trump as Commander-in-Chief, does NOT stop that insanity…then, he might lose a lot of support from not only the country, but the veterans.

He IS, after all, first and foremost, Commander-in-Chief.

This is one time, he must not remain…silent.


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